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ELEKTRONIK For 40 years we have specialized in the field of Opto-electronics. You gain from our experience. Tell us your problem. We will be pleased to offer our advice. > 2 size="-2">

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Read the operating instructionsQualified personsSafety warning >

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Start interlockRestart interlock1-stroke (2-stroke) operationProtective operationMuting > On the machine being put into operation, respectively any interruption in the power supply, the start interlockfeature prevents the machine from starting before a second "enable". Such a second enable of the switching output is only possible after entry into and withdrawal from the protective field.The restart interlock feature prevents an automatic enable of the switching output after entry into and withdrawalfrom the protective field (e.g. by passing through the protective field).In this mode, the...

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LSUW 24V Operating Instructions - 8

EN 50100-1 (Appendix C,Mounting, putting into operationand testing of a ESPE on amachine) > - The sensor function must be capable of eliminating the hazardous state of the machine.- The safety clearance between the protective field and the point of hazard must be sufficient to ensure that if the protective field is penetrated, it will not be possible to reach the point of hazard before the hazardous movement is interrupted or has stopped.- Access to the point of hazard must only be possible by penetrating the protective field (reaching below, above or around it must not be possible)-...

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Detection of danger Evaluation of risk Does a special standard (C-standard) exist for the machine? Does this standard indicate a specific clearance? Calculation of the minimum clearance according to the equation in EN 999 NoYes Yes Use this minimum clearance. Can this clearance be achieved? Reduce total response time or size of obstruction. No Yes Yes Can the total response time or size of obstruction be reduced? Does such a clearance enable a person to stand between the protective device and the point of hazard? Yes No No No Choose protective operation with restart interlock or use...

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Type LSUW... are electrosensitive protective equi-pement (ESPE) whose purpose is to protect persons from injury. This is effected by so screening the power-driven machinery in such a manner that access to hazardous machine parts is only possible by penetrating the protective field provided by the light barrier. Penetration of the protective field brings the machine to a stop with certainty and in good time. Infrared accident-prevention and control light barriers Type LSUW...- have been tested by the Technical Supervision Association (TV) and approved by the Employers' Liability Insurance...

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LSUW 24V Operating Instructions - 12

≥ 90 mm.Through a specially focussed optical system the optical modules only detect that part of the light band that is immediately opposite to them. The modules are connected in series and their output is modulated with a carrier frequency. In the event of the protective field being penetrated, the chain of signals is interrupted and this results in the evaluation unit generating two antivalent signals which are transmitted to the switching unit. Various versions of switching unit are offered to provide for the protection of the operators of machines that differ widely in character....

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Housing execution:Fastening:Degree of protection:Electrical connection:Dimensions: Overall dimensions Safetylight curtains > Aluminium extrusion, plastic coated RAL 1020 yellow, end pieces of acid-resistant plastic (Polyamide). Lightoutlets and light inlets of acrylic resin, optionally of solvent-resistant silica glass. Moveable key blocks for fitting on any of three sides of the housing IP 55, optionally IP 65 DIN 43650 plug > Adjusting screw M6Fastening hole dia. 7 mm 110 L 130 46 7 mm dia. hole for fastening and earthing 27 27 5,2 5,2 10,5 45 o 10,5 27 11 27 110 5,2 ؘ 5,2 130 7 7 10 5 50...

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Overall dimensions 2-beam, 3-beam and multi-beamSafety light grids LSUW...(continued): Order designation for completesystems comprising atransmitter, receiver andswitching unit: Height ofprotection Numberof lightbeams > Distancebetweenlight beams Receiver Orderdesignation > Transmitter Orderdesignation Overalllength L > IR-receiverLSUW ... Overalllength L > IR-transmitterLSUW ... Weight Weight ... 1600 mm 5 > 2042 mm 8220 g 1800 Switching unitOrder designation > LSUW NSR 3-1... LSUW N1...LSUW N1 K... LSUW N1 Duo... LSUW N1 Muting... ... (see receiver) The complete system LSUW NSR 3-1...

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Housing execution:Fastening: Dimension drawing: Distortion-proof aluminium dual-chamber extrusion, plastic coated RAL 1021 yellowBall-head screw > LP LB 2 mm Thrust pin M10 5mm socket key > 90 44 60 7 M10 > 116 Swivel range ѱ 30 Assembly drawing 18 >

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0,31,10,7 TransmitterReceiver Height above reference level >

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LSUW 24V Operating Instructions - 24

≤ 75 mm.In the normal course of events (Fig.1) the operator is seated while inserting the workpieces. To avoid the risk ofreaching back into the press, the Type LSUW... infrared safety light curtain (a) is located at some distance away from the point of hazard and with a light curtain of the chosen height there is an unprotected gap. Fig.2 shows how an accident could occur through reaching over the light curtain. Fig.3 shows how such a risk can be avoided by fitting an infrared safety light curtain of greater height.If it is necessary for technical reasons for thehorizontal distance between...

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Distance from reflective surfaces Arrangement of two adjacentType LSUW... safety lightcurtains or safety light grids To preventfailure to detect an obstruction as a result of reflection from some reflective object it is necessary for a Type LSUW infra- red safety light curtain to have a minimum clearance a from the reflective object concerned. The minimum clearance a can be taken from the following table:A special arrangement of the lens shieldingsystem results in it being possible to mount a Type LSUW safety light curtain above a reflecti- ve surface without the light beam being diverted,...

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