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Our passion: We protect people from accidents and have convincing high quality innovative, user-friendly safety solutions for the customers and are always willing to provide the customer with help and advice. Fiessler Elektronik has been producing optoelectronic components for the industry since 1956. The resulting development and production of the first fully electronic safety light curtain and safety light grid on the basis of the transmitter-receiver principle began in 1965. Nearly 30 years later in 1996, Fiessler Elektronik was the first manufacturer worldwide to introduce the...

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FMSC Safety controller - 3

Service – worldwide Fiessler Elektronik serves customers in all industrial regions of the world. The service network of Fiessler Elektronik is available in more than 30 countries. These support points provide effective supervision to machine manufacturers as well as end users.

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Quick and flexible Fiessler Elektronik has consequently implemented its more than 60 years of experience and know-how with the new and configurable modular FMSC safety controller. The development not only focused on the high standard of safety but also on how to simply and rapidly implement projects. Miscellaneous functionalities, such as creating combinations, make it easier for the user to program the safety controller. Already created projects can also be comprehensively documented. Rapid response times as well as the safety-oriented monitoring of up to 16 axes round off the profile of...

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FMSC Safety controller - 5

System The programming The programming environment, FMSC Studio, is the heart of the FMSC safety controller. This software tool will configure all hardware functionalities and create the user program. A great number of prefinished standard and safety function blocks simplifies the work for the user. Using drag and drop, the modules are placed on the worksheet, which accepts nearly any size, and the individual I/O points are simply graphically connected. Transfer flags do not have to be set necessarily, since FMSC Studio supports both work methods. The individual windows are arranged in a...

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FMSC Safety controller - 6

Range of functions The FMSC system family has the right solution for each task. Comprehensive functions enable maximum flexibility with a convincing costbenefit ratio. Emergency shutdown (fast shutdown function) If the rather fast cycle time of the FMSC is still too slow, the hardware configurator can configure the emergency shutdown. The maximum switch-off time then is 0.5 ms. To ensure every single application has an optimal shutdown behavior, the emergency shutdown can be bypassed in the application program according to situation. This provides maximum flexibility regarding an emergency...

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FMSC Safety controller - 7

Your advantages Expanding the system structure Up to 16 expansion modules can be connected to a single master module. Configuring the respective expansion modules is quite simple. Addresses are taught using the teach-in function, but the addressing does not have to be uniform. The advantage is that diverse machine options can be planned already during project planning and then implemented later on. This in turn considerably simplifies the creation of circuit diagrams and documentations. Muting safe bypassing of an optical protection system For many applications, materials need to be...

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FMSC Safety controller - 8

fiessler Basic modules Numerous FMSC master devices are available with the same hardware structure but with a different range of functions. The user thus can create a system concept with the best cost-benefit factor. FMSC- ECO - Master • 12 digital inputs (six inputs for 24V or 5V DC configurable) • 4 safe digital outputs • 5 standard outputs (each configurable as test pulses) • 1 two-digit display for messages • 1 USB programming interface • 1 start-stop push button FMSC- Basic - Master (additional range of functions for Eco variation) • Expandable with up to 4 expansion devices •...

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FMSC Safety controller - 9

sion modules fiessler Depending on the master device, the system structure can be expanded with modules to a maximum of 16 devices. The devices are respectively addressed via a simple teach-in process FMSC- Basic - Slave 1 • 12 digital inputs (six inputs for 24V or 5V DC configurable) • 4 safe digital outputs • 5 standard outputs (each configurable as test pulses) • 1 two-digit display for messages • 1 start-stop push button • Configurable switch-off delay of safe outputs in case of error FMSC- Advanced - Slave 1 (additional range of functions for Basic variation) • Configurable emergency...

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FMSC Safety controller - 10

FIESSLER ELEKTRONIK Fields of applicat Due to the open system structure, the FMSC system family is suitable for all industrial fields of application. Examples: Sheet metal work in general Evaluation of emergency stop, optical protective devices, safety doors, positions and speeds. • Shears • Press brakes • Mechanical presses • Punching, laser, water cutting systems Conveying technology Evaluation of emergency stop, optical protective devices, safety doors, speeds, muting applications, enabling mode • Packaging machines • Conveyor systems in general • Sorting systems Machining centers...

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FMSC Safety controller - 11

Shutting down quickly The FMSC has convincingly rapid cycle and response times. And yet, sometimes shutting down needs to occur as quickly as possible. For that reason, the hardware configurator can parameterize the emergency shutdown with a maximum shutdown time of 0.5 ms. For each application to exhibit the optimal shutdown behavior, the emergency shutdown in the application program can be bypassed according to situation. This guarantees maximum flexibility regarding an emergency shutdown. Shutting down without risk Conventional safety controls automatically set all outputs immediately to...

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FMSC Safety controller - 12

FMSC Studio The FMSC Studio software can be used to not only program the FMSC system family but also to easily put into operation. A project is simply created using drag and drop and can be directly simulated at the workstation. FMSC Studio – Workstation environment Here, a project is created according to the respective specification. With the help of numerous certified software modules, applications are implemented quickly and easily. Another technical feature is the creation of subprograms, so-called combinations. These can be exported and very easily imported to other projects. Already...

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