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PORTABLE SEWER CAMERA with traceable 512Hz transmitter • 1" Diameter IP68 Waterproof CCD Сolor Сamera • 12 Super Bright LED lights • Sapphire Glass Lens Cover • Camera field of view: 120° • Optional 512Hz incorporated sonde • Cable Length: 20 (65.6'), 30 (98.4') or 40 (131.2') meter • Image/Video capture on SD card • Standard and Roller Skid Included • Rechargeable Li-ion storage battery The VIPER pipe inspection inspection camera is a cost effective portable device designed to deliver a high quality video image of your inspections. This videoscope can be used in a wide variety of applications including: sewers, building ducts/piping, wells, and power plants. In addition this camera head features an optional 512Hz sonde which provides the operator with the ability to lo-cate the camera head up to 10 feet below the surface. The VIPER camera head features 12 adjustable white LED lights, to illumi-nate the inspection area, a flexible spring coil joint to navigate corners, and a Sapphire lens to resist scratching. The PVC coated fibereglass cable is waterproof and available in either 20, 30 or 40 meter (65.6’, 98.4’, or 131.2’) lengths. The high resolution CCD chip is designed to capture bright, crisp, color images and video of your inspections. Two plastic skids are included with the camera set to centralize the camera head inside a pipe and increases camera lifetime. The 7” TFT LCD displays a crisp live color image, with an adjust-able Sun hood for outdoor applications. There is also a compact, water/weather proof case making it easy to transport the set around. Video and images are recorded directly onto an SD memory card. With video recorded in professional uncompressed AVI format.

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We highly recommend to use the VIPER push camera as a set with the XT512 “Detection Wand” locator which combines the portability with the low frequency sonde and passive locating ca-pability found in larger more cumbersome locators. With the XT512 you can locate and determine the depth of your sewer/pipe inspection camera or a small sonde. The XT512 is useful in locating blockages and obstructions in non metallic pipe. www.fiberscope.net toll free: 1-800-239-9934 Two inter-changeable centering skids are included

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