Pipe Inspection Crawler Robot STORMER S3000


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Pipe Inspection Crawler Robot STORMER S3000 - 1

Pipe Crawler STORMER S3000 Rugged and Agile Crawler Type Inspection System Highly Scalable Design and Adjustable Speed Inspections of Wide Range of Pipes (150 mm/5.9" and up) Pan-and-Tilt Camera to Examine All of Internal Structure in One Easy Run Kevlar Braided Cable WinCam Compatible Cables and Reel The probes that endure the most exposure to different types of impact and pressure while in the pipe are made especially durable - tear and wear-resistant, multi-core, Kevlar braided, capable of withstanding routine inspections in different settings. The Stormer Pipe Robot works with a standard 200 m (656') cable, but is available with 250 m (820') cables. A sturdy, mobile reel is included in the set to make inspection process even more comfortable. Cable and Drum Specifications Cable Hosing Multicore, Kevlar reinforced cable with 75ohm coax. A polyurethane 4350 flame retardant, halogen free jacket and kevlar braid for strain relief. Stainless Steel with internal strain relief Cable Diameter Cable Minimum Bend Radius Working Length Reel Construction Mild Steel powder coated tubular construction, with aluminium bobbin and counter mechanics. A cast iron winding handle and stainless steel adjustable transport handle. For distance measurement display.

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Pipe Inspection Crawler Robot STORMER S3000 - 2

Camera Head The device features a pan-and-tilt camera with continuous rotation and super sensitive 0.5 lux CMOS video chip (720x576 pixels) that captures every tiny detail of the pipeline interior. Add to that superb, long-lasting LED light illumination with 5 levels of intensity and you receive high-quality, bright, true to life images of the problem area regardless of how remote or dark it might be. The camera is completely waterproof, has a scratchproof protective glass and a Stainless steel housing with Aluminum anodized finish, withstanding up to 5.5 bar pressure (55 meters in fresh...

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Pipe Inspection Crawler Robot STORMER S3000 - 3

Control Unit The robot comes with a compact control unit, allowing for quick and easy image recording, processing and storing. It is packed in a rugged, portable Pelican case for additional mobility. All inspection data is displayed in live mode on a LED backlit 10.4” TFT flat panel monitor, can be recorded as snap shots or movies and processed using WinCan compatible software. Additional comments can be put in as text (up to 6 pages). To transfer information to external devices use a USB stick that easily connects to the device on the main control panel. Crawler Specification Body...

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Pipe Inspection Crawler Robot STORMER S3000 - 4

Crawler The crawler has a highly scalable design with different camera mounts and wheel sets to fit various pipe diameters. Use the front mount for smaller pipes and top mount for pipes of bigger diameters. It is a powerful 15 Nm 4 wheel drive with chain transmission running on 48 V DC motor. Speed can be adjusted from 1 to 5 depending on the pipe diameter and other inspection requirements. You can add an optional inclinometer to the system to receive information on the pipe gradient. For power supply, Stormer can either use 110v or 240v mains or a 1KVA generator power inlet. Control Unit...

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