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Tightening automation CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY Customer need: Integrate the existing production line, with workstations for wooden frames assembly. The machine has to tighten automatically 100 mm long, selftapping screws for wood. Tighten 4 screws simultaneously every 10 seconds The solution: To meet customer’s needs: we made ​​ 4-ways fastening system a to be integrated into the existing assembly line having the following characteristics: - 4 fastening slides with double stroke and air nutrunner motor to tighten at a specified height; - The slides are independent and can work in a synchronous or asynchronous mode depending on the production requirements; - Pneumo-electric system interfacing with the existing systems;

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- 2 bowls 550mm diameter for a high capacity power - off 2-ways selector and 2 distributor units to feed the 4 tightening modules How this solution benefits customer: • The solution, entirely designed and built by Fiam, integrates seamlessly into the customer’s manufacturing line • Long screws are fed automatically and without jamming enhancing production volumes. See our solutions on YouTube click on the link within our website Fiam Utensili Pneumatici Spa Viale Crispi 123 36100 Vicenza - Italy Tel. +39.0444.385000 Fax +39.0444.385002 Fiam France s.a.s.u. ZI Champ Dolin, 3 allée du Lazio...

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