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For quality control of tightening processes. • Torque and torque/angle reader • Torque and torque/angle dynamic rotary transducer

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torque readers Measuring and checking the tightening torque is essential in cutting-edge production processes to: • nsure the desired quality e standards • certify correct assembly • guarantee higher assembled product quality • reduce “product liability” risks TT torque readers are practical digital instruments equipped with built-in static transducers that can perform torque tests and calibration during right and left rotation with air and electric screwdrivers and with click torque wrenches. The three reader models cover torque ranges from 0.15 to 30 Nm, and can be used in small and large...

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Torque readers - 3

All the benefits: • Auto-zero function • Accuracy: ±1% torque reading accuracy. The accuracy becomes ±2% when below 10% of full scale • The user can select from a range of torque measurement units • The user can select from ten operating languages: en / fr / de / it / da / es / fi / sv / no / pt • Tightening torque measurement method: Track – Track or continuous Dial – Peak torque Click – Used for measuring click torque wrenches (not for pulse wrenches) • Memory: 15 programs can be stored (called targets), which include the following settings: - Torque - Tolerance - Measurement unit -...

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Torque readers - 4

TT torque readers Code Model Transducer connection type Standard equipment: - Operation and maintenance manual - Carrying case - USB cable - Joint simulator - Connection cable and adapter with universal plug - Key/Adapter: TT 3 model with adapter: 1/4 F to 1/4” F □ TT 10 model with adapter: 1/4 F to 1/4” F □ TT 30 model with adapter: 10 mm F to 3/8” F □ - Calibration document not accredited by a certified body Accessories available on request: - Calibration certificate issued by an accredited body: to be requested in the purchase order or by sending the reader to Fiam after purchase. Sign...

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Torque readers - 5

Easy Touch Torque and torque/angle reader Easy Touch is a reader capable of analyzing the characteristics of pneumatic and electric screwdrivers, as well as torque wrenches directly on the production lines with “in process” mode, i.e. during the tightening process matching the appropriate dynamic rotary transducer. With the “in process” mode, it is possible to verify with more precision and reliability the assembly quality as: • it is independent of the operator (the torque transducer is interposed between the screwdriver and the joint and the operator acts only on the screwdriver); • the...

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Torque readers - 6

Dynamic rotary transducers To be used with Easy Touch reader, they must be placed between the screwdriver and the joint to perform highly accurate “in process” measurements. The measurements taken are independent of the operator and there is no influence of joint relaxation, since the torque measured is exactly that applied by the screwdriver. Can be used with any type of screwdriver, even with hydraulic air pulse wrenches. Mechanical air impact wrenches are excluded. • RMC models: to obtain torque measurements • RMC TA models: to obtain torque/angle measurements. All advantages: • They can...

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Torque readers - 7

Easy Touch reader Code Easy Touch torque and torque/angle reader Standard equipment: - Use and maintenance manual - 3.6V lithium-ion rechargeable battery - Carrying belt for transport - USB cable for data download (L = mt. 2) Torque dynamic rotary transducer Code RMC 2 Dynamic rotary transducer RMC 5 Dynamic rotary transducer RMC 10 Dynamic rotary transducer RMC 20 Dynamic rotary transducer RMC 25 Dynamic rotary transducer RMC 75 Dynamic rotary transducer Drive Exit RMC 180 Dynamic rotary transducer RMC 250 Dynamic rotary transducer RMC 500 Dynamic rotary transducer Torque/angle dynamic...

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Torque readers - 8

September 2023 - 107 | Printed on recycled paper for the safeguard of the environment | Copyright Fiam Spa. The unauthorised distribution and/or reproduction of all or part of this publication is strictly forbidden. Fiam Utensili Pneumatici Spa Viale Crispi 123 36100 Vicenza, Italy Tel. +39.0444.385000 Fax +39.0444.385002 Fiam France Succursale 73, cours Albert Thomas 69003 Lyon, France Tel. +33 (0)9 70 40 73 85 Fiam España Sucursal Travessera de Gràcia, 11, 5ª planta 08021 Barcelona, España Tel. +34.636808112 Quality Management System Certificate • Environmental Management System...

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