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Control and reliability of fastening strategies SPS Socket Program Selector

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SPS - Socket Program Selector Control and reliability of fastening strategies SPS is the new Poka Yoke device for selection of fastening program by sockets/bits pick up. It works in connection with Fiam control units. Up to 8 sockets or bits (with diameter up to 80 mm) can be selected. The unit checks correspondence between socket picked up and pre-set tightening program as indicated from the controller. Selection LEDs and socket pick-up acoustic signal (buzz): each socket spot is indeed connected to a particular program in the controller so that, when the worker picks one socket the...

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Don’t be satisfied with the maximum Perfection is in your hands Naturally innovative Productivity Ergonomics Ecology • Possibility to select up to 8 different accessories (bits/ sockets) • It helps the operator while picking-up and replacing the accessory to be used • The socket tray couplings have to be customized/worked according to customer’s need and they are fast to install following user guide instructions • Acoustic signal (enabled or disabled) and LED of socket picking-up ease the assembly operations • The couplings can accommodate bits and sockets with 42 mm max ø. For diameters...

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SPS - Socket Program Selector • Models listed in the chart have standard spots for accessories up to 42 mm ø Standard equipment (supplied with selector) January 2021 - 97 | Printed on recycled paper for the safeguard of the environment | Copyright Fiam Spa. The unauthorised distribution and/or reproduction of all or part of this publication is strictly forbidden. • 7 mt. connecting cable • 8 socket spots to be customized • 2 I/O connectors • Eco-friendly packaging • Use and maintenance manual Special socket tray Cod e For diameters higher than 42 mm (up to 64 or 80 mm) In this case, the SPS...

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