Semi-automatic assembly machine for window frames field


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Nr. 92 - 10/2012 Tightening automation Window frames field Fastening locking mechanisms of wood windows: autofeed tightening module MCA for manual use on X Y Z axis La soluzione è costituita da: • Easy Driver screw feeding system complete with PLC, customized on screw dimensions and type. • Tightening system, installed on a fastening slide fitted on the rail, consists of: - an air nutrunner motor, for tightening with manual head positioning. The air nutrunner motor features instant automatic air shutoff - a safety guard to cover motordriven parts - a special positioning handle for fastening operations, with start button. All the operator has to do is move the slide along the rail by hand. The handle is equipped of button allowing horizontal lock of slide position when the correct position is achieved

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Window frames field Tightening strategy options: torque control or screw height control The positioning handle is equipped with a "manual switch" for choosing between two different tightening strategies: • based on torque (the clutch shuts off the motor once the preset tightening torque is reached) Advantages of this solution Highly efficient production cycle Waste elimination A solution carrying the Fiam guarantee All screws are tightened accurately The solution has been designed and customized entirely by Fiam. It has been tested carefully to guarantee our customer a perfect operation....

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