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Automatic screw feeders Screw suction systems • For automatic and manual use

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Electronic tightening systems with for very fast and efficient tighteni When carrying out manual assembly with small screws on the bench or an automatic assembly line, tightening time is essential to increase productivity. These innovative automatic screw feed systems significantly reduce cycle times and can be used in both manual pick-and-place and automatic processes. In fact the screws can be picked up easily by a magnetic bit or by a screw suction system, ready for immediate tightening. Numerous models offer the flexibility to meet the needs of any application condition: movement type,...

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TOTAL TIME TOTAL TIME PIECE LOADING PIECE LOADING PIECE UNLOADING TIME SAVED: 4 seconds The great productivity of these systems guarantees a return on the investment in a very short time.

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Manual pick-and-place systems • For magnetisable screws with PHILLIPS or POZIDRIV recesses • For straight air and electric screwdrivers with start lever The pick-and-place systems for manual use consist of NJ screw feeders to ensure fast, smooth work cycles, helping to reduce production costs. The benefits: • No manual steps (operators do not have to pick up screws manually and place them on the screwdriver bit, reducing cycle times by over 24%) • Very convenient to use: just pick the screw up from the selection channel with the screwdriver, leaving the other hand free to hold the workpiece...

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Manual and automatic pick-and-place systems • For screws made of any material, even non-magnetisable • For all recess types • For screwdrivers with screw suction systems • For nutrunner motors with screw suction systems and that are installed on slides or robots NJR screw feeders are very versatile because the screw suction system with which the coupled tools must be equipped means they can be used in a multitude of manual and automatic applications. The benefits: • They can be used with any screw type, including those with Torx or hexagonal recesses: the screw suction system can pick up...

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POZIDRIV BITS The screw feeder model can be changed just by replacing the guides. For example: the NJ/NJR 23 model can be configured with R 20/23/26/30 guides while the NJ/NJR 45 model can be configured with R 35/40/50 guides.

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Check the screw type and geometry: - the shank diameter must be in the range 2mm to 5 mm - the shank maximum length must be less than/equal to 18 mm *With double washer ** With flat or oval countersunk head Screw Screw head Washer Screw head diameter diameter diameter height Choose the model according to the screw diameter Decide if the process is manual or automatic and check whether the screw material is magnetisable or not.

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This device makes the tool's hold on the screws and their positioning easier and more secure and can be fitted on straight screwdrivers and both pneumatic and electric eTensil nutrunner motors. This system holds the screw in contact with the tool bit using the vacuum created by the vacuum pump connected to it. This ensures that the screw is picked up and held firmly by its head while it is moved and positioned on the thread of the workpiece being assembled. The system consists of a special head (2) to be attached to the tool using the connection kit (3) and to be connected to the SSU vacuum...

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Tools that can be coupled with the screw suction system eTensil electric screwdrivers Tightening torque WITH MECHANICAL CLUTCH AND AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF WITH TORQUE/ANGLE CURRENT CONTROL eTensil electric nutrunner motors Tightening torque WITH MECHANICAL CLUTCH AND AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF WITH TORQUE/ANGLE CURRENT CONTROL * Starting system: 4 modalities availables. To ma

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Slow / Fast Nr. o con f nect able tool Too s l ten feed sion Power supply units / Monitoring unit / Control units 8 inputs - 8 outputs 21 + 22 signal types 8 inputs - 8 outputs 9 + 11 signal types 8 inputs - 8 outputs 21 + 22 signal types 8 inputs - 8 outputs 9 + 11 signal types 8 inputs - 8 outputs 21 + 22 signal types To make the right choice, see all the specifications in catalogues 105 and 106, or contact the Fiam Technical Assistance Service. Tightening torque on soft joint

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Fastening slides SL 15 Entirely designed and manufactured by Fiam, they are small in size and light in weight and are equipped with: Shielded screw transit sensor, Convenient ducting, that encloses the wiring between the slide, nutrunner motor and feeder, pneumatic cylinders with built-in pneumatic decelerators. Multiple models available: • single-stroke slides - suitable in situations where the approach movement is made by a robot arm or a manipulator with Z axis • dual-stroke slides - they feature an additional approach stroke to bring the head down to the component • dual-stroke slides...

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NUT feeder: Discover how it works! Click here and see our solutions on YouTube. July 2021 - 33 | Printed on recycled paper for the safeguard of the environment | Copyright Fiam Spa. The unauthorised distribution and/or reproduction of all or part of this publication is strictly forbidden Choose online Fiam solution for your industrial production processes: the best technology with a clik. www.fiamgroup.com www.fiamgroup.com info@fiamgroup.com Fiam Utensili Pneumatici Spa Viale Crispi 123 36100 Vicenza - Italy Tel. +39.0444.385000 Fax +39.0444.385002 Fiam France Succursale 73, cours Albert...

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