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Tightening automation. Only excellent solutions. Multispindle tightening units

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Fiam multispindle tightening units: to tig Tightening simultaneously and accurately more screws, bolts, nuts has never been easier. Completely designed and manufactured by Fiam, multispindle tightening solutions can foresee: TWO OR MORE SPINDLES USE OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF INDUSTRIAL MOTORS AXIAL COMPENSATION FIXED OR VARIABLE DISTANCE TO THE CENTRE MANUAL SEMI-AUTOMATIC AUTOMATIC to tighten two or more screws, bolts, nuts simultaneously and accurately (at the same torque and depth) to choose, depending on the application and type of joint and screw, between solutions with air motors without...

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ighten with maximum productivity BALANCING SYSTEM with hanging ring for balancer use to compensate the weight of the multispindle tightening unit PROTECTION COVER to reduce noise level in the environment (Optional: sometimes it isn’t supplied. For example, when DC nutrunner motors are being used) ximum productivity MANUAL MULTISPINDLE TIGHTENING UNIT for vertical tightening LIGHT DEVICES to control/monitor working cycle (optional) OIL SEPARATOR FILTERS/ AIR EXHAUST CONVEYOR to convey and filter the air exhaust away from the operator to guarantee healthier working environment AIR OR ELECTRIC...

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Don’t be satisfied with the maximum The air nutrunner motors are completely designed and manufactured by Fiam. They guarantee the correct immediate functioning also at low air feed pressure. They are manufactured with materials that guarantee durability and reliability for hundreds of thousands of cycles The changement of the distance to centre can take place manually, pneumatically or electronically All solutions can be equipped with light devices for monitoring or controlling the working cycle Strong reduction of the cycle times thanks to the possibility to tighten simultaneously and...

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Perfection is in your hands Naturally innovative The solutions are designed considering productive layout and workplaces with the aim to eliminate every risk factor for the operator The advanced technological design of the Fiam nutrunner motors permits very high decrease of compressed air consumption, without affecting solution performance Effective suspension systems are studied and used for every solution; they completely annullate the unit’s weight for perfect operator handling All the components are easy to dispose of because they are built using recyclable materials The multispindle...

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Fiam nutrunner motors: tightening corr Accurate, reliable, compact, they are designed and manufactured by Fiam specifically for industrial automation and they are used in manual or fixtured tightening units. NUTRUNNER MOTORS WITH AIR SHUT-OFF Thanks to the automatic and immediate air shut-off device, these motors guarantee high torque repeatability. To be used with components manufactured with high quality materials (for example in assembly of car components). NUTRUNNER MOTORS WITH SLIP CLUTCH The use of these motors is extremely versatile because their torque control device with slip...

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rectly responding to every need Pneumo-electric signal transducer with software (optional) TOUCH PANEL SOCKET PROGRAM SELECTOR LIGHT COLUMN WITH ALARM Extremely robust, they guarantee constant performances in the long run also when used in heavy duty conditions. Several configurations with different modes of torque control and monitoring to solve any tightening need, even most difficult ones.

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DOWNLOAD THE ENTRY DATA AND REQUEST MORE INFORMATION! Svasata Piana Dimensioni Viti Plastica Alluminio Acciaio Ghisa Altro________ _______ Posizio ne di avvita tura Superficie piana e senza ingom bri Tipo Serrag gio Coppia: ____________ _________ Nm Precisione: ____________ ______ % Velocità: ____________ _________ Rpm Cilindrica Bombata Q.tà viti per compo nente ______ _______ Q.tà pezzi/o ra o tempo ciclo _______ ____ Autonomia ______________ ____ Ore Tempo di avvitatura (1 vite) ______________ ________ Asse di avvitatura Orizzon tale Verticale dall’alto verso il basso Altro: ______...

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