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PRECISION {ACCURACY]QJAUTY Toot I 5,6 Nm Final Target: 3 Nm Sequence: Setup | Graph | Data | Repeat | Reset | Maximum control over the tightening process • Brushless electric screwdrivers/nutrunners with direct control of the tightening torque/angle: from 0.1 to 5.6 Nm • Power supply and control unit • Connection Cables V- pa a F PRECISION | ACCURACY \ QUALITY Hi-tech DC tightening systems

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X-PAQ tightening solutions are perfect for high-quality assembly Composed of brushless electric screwdrivers Screwdrivers/Nutrunner motors or nutrunners combined with power supply and _ control unit with a single cable, they ensuring | reliability and accuracy in any industrial assembly process. The high technology offered by the multiple configurations, for manual or machine use, ensures various levels of torque control and monitoring to meet any tightening need, even the most complex. The X-PAQ solutions can be used in all industrial sectors from automotive to aeronautic, from domestic...

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Whatever your assembly process, these sophisticated brushless electric screwdrivers will meet your every need in terms of tightening accuracy and precision. Very light and silent, they tighten with perfect control over the tightening process, resulting in high finished product quality. Moreover, as they do not require post-process checks, they reduce production times and costs compared to traditional assembly systems. • Built-in torque transducer and resolver: ensure high resolution torque/angle parameter measurements • Indicator LED to check the result of the tightening cycle directly on...

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— P /\ M : Power supply andPRECISION | ACCURACY \ QUALITY The CT2500 is an innovative instrument that combines the power supply (voltage, current, etc. parameters) and programming functions, with accurate control of each step of the assembly process Through its colour screen, the CT2500: • Allows immediate and practical programming, directly on the touch screen • Fully displays the tightening process • Instantaneously controls the tightening torque and angle, and indicates the outcome by colouring the whole display • Has 32 pre-settable "tasks"that can be recalled for perfect control of the...

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control unit CT2500 A world in communication Ethernet port: through this port it can interface with Ethernet IP, ACOP, ToolsNet protocols. PLC Barcode Reader (ACOP) Light column with alarm Also with automatic screw feeding systems. Discover them in the catalog 89.

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The navigation menus are simple and intuitive. Just a few taps directly on the screen are enough to configure the tightening parameters, create the assembly strategies or display the diagnostics Select Task or Press and Hold lor options Screen for selecting the 32 tasks - Green display: tightening OK - Red display: tightening NOK: when the maximum value set for the parameter (torque or angle) has been exceeded - Yellow display: when the minimum value set for the parameter (torque or angle) has not been reached «| Passwords Supervisor Team Leader | Master 0 Password Protect RTS Reset Button...

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— P A Lji : also for automation The X-PAQ solutions also provide for nutrunner motors to be installed on machines and used under remote control. • Brushless electric nutrunner motors do not require maintenance and they ensure high efficiency during the work cycle and do not pollute the work area as there are no carbon dust residues • Built-in torque transducer and resolver: ensure high resolution torque/angle parameter measurements • The choice of motor and its accurate programming (angle, torque, time etc...), reduce post-process checks, greatly benefiting productivity • Compact design,...

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Connection Cables Only one cable is needed between the CT2500 power supply/control unit and the tool: a great benefit in terms of the space occupied in the work area. These robust cables are extremely flexible and can withstand repeated stresses over time. They have been designed and made to handle data transmission safely and are available in two different sizes as well as in an ESD (Electro Static Discharge) version to protect components from any electrostatic discharges during assembly. Connection cables between the CT2500 power supply/ control unit and tool with 90° angle connector. •...

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