Fasten automatically dishwasher-doors right and left hinges


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Tightening automation Household appliances field Customer need: • Fasten automatically dishwasherdoors right and left hinges • Inexpensive solution with high production rate • Reliability of assemblies • Each hinge should be assembled using 2 screws M5x10 (head diameter 10mm) with milled washer under the head, at torque of about 3 Nm. Workbench to assemble the left hinge. Screw feeder integrated into workbench. The solution: We have manufactured two semi-automatic tightening machines with 2-ways self-feeding: • one to assemble the right hinge and one to assemble the left hinge Two auto-fed fastening slides. Each machine, managed by the operator, is composed of: - Work bench with customized jig for part loading and unloading featuring sensors detecting part presence - two-hands button start - 2 double stroke fastening slides with air shut-off nutrunner motors - polycarbonate safety barriers

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Fasten automatically dishwasher-doors right and left hinges - 2

Customized jig to assemble the right hinge. Benefits: • The semi-automatic machines, extremely essential and complete with pneumo-electric system, effectively solve the needs of productivity enhancement: Tightenings of the hinges in fact occur in 2 seconds, OK signal is also visually shown to the operator through tower-light. Detail of two tightening heads to tighten the right hinge. • The solution is custom designed in order to meet customer needs and carefully tested to ensure it operates smoothly. See our solutions on YouTube click on the link within our website Detail of two tightening...

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