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DW Torque Wrenches - 1

accuracy to improve quality New DW dynamometric torque wrenches • Torque reading: capacity from 5 up to 350 Nm • Torque control version • Torque and angle control vers

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DW Torque Wrenches - 2

New DW dynamometric torque wrenches: accuracy to improve quality Measuring devices which can check fastening torque in order to guarantee expected quality standards and a higher quality of the product assembled New range of DW Fiam dynamometric torque wrenches effectively verify the torque or torque/angle fastening values at the assembly lines. They are fundamental when it is necessary to certify tightening values and accuracy of the assembly, particularly when operating according to ISO 9001 certification User friendly: selections through only 4 buttons for a simple, fast software...

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DW Torque Wrenches - 3

Naturally innovative Don't be satisfied Perfection is with the maximum in your hands The analysis of outcomes collected with these systems allows identifying and eliminating errors thus giving important productivity returns • Ideal when many tracings on production lines are necessary: outcomes can be stored in maximum 30 different files storing maximum 900 readings • Selections through 4 buttons only for a simple and fast software navigation and an immediate understanding (different languages available) • Backlit wide display (132x32 pixel) for a clear view of read values • Optical signals...

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DW Torque Wrenches - 4

Torque/angle control DW = Digital Wrench • 50 = Max torque • T = Torque • T/A = Torque/Angle Standard equipment (supplied with wrench) Accessories available upon request • Containing case • For DW...T/A models: specific software for measurement of Breakaway torque • 4 stilo AA batteries • Calibration certificate in compliance with standards • Use and maintenance manual • Ratchet with reversible square drive Wrench is supplied without ratchet • PC connecting cable to download and print measured data (cod.686200610) • ACCREDIA calibration certificate (Italian Accreditation Body) Process...

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