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Cordless Freedom. Working everywhere with maximum productivity. Cordless screwdrivers • Torque range: 0,8 12 Nm • Speed: 250 * 1550 rpm • Automatic electric shut-off

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Cordless screwdrivers - 2

Working everywhere with maximum productivity. BRUSHLESS MOTOR � Without brushes � Low maintenance � Longer tool lifetime � Reduced pollution � Reduced noise level LITHIUM-ION BATTERY � Longer lifetime � Fast recharge (40 minutes) � No memory effect � Easy attached sliding battery system ERGONOMICS � rgonomic grip with soft grip E � eversibility by button switch R � EDs to light up the working area L � colour rings to easily ide

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Cordless screwdrivers - 3

PROCESS UNDER CONTROL � he automatic shut-off torque control system T stops power supply when preset torque is achieved � imed start trigger to avoid repeated start on T already fastened screws � utomatic return in tightening mode after A untightening (function to be programmed) � ound and light signals to help operator S LED AND ACOUSTIC INDICATORS BLUE = REVERSE OPERATION (loosening) GREEN = CYCLE OK Long buzz 5 x buzz Long buzz FLASHING YELLOW = BATTERY LOAD ALERT YELLOW = LOW BATTERY WARNING OPTIMUM SPEED (with Programmer available upon request) � Optimum speed adjustment for...

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Cordless screwdrivers - 4

18 = Power supply in Volts • CB = Brushless electric screwdriver • B = Battery • 3 = Max torque in Nm • P = Pistol grip Legend Reversibility: all models are suitable for tightening and untightening operations The tool supplied turns at the max speed as specified in the catalog, however speed can be adjusted according to the type of application using an accessory called Speed programmer (available upon request) • The tightening torque values has been measured in accordance with ISO 5393 standard. • Noise level has been measured in accordance with ISO 3744 and ISO 15744 standards. •...

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