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Tightening automation Household appliance field Double-thread screws automatic tightening Customer need: Assembly with high production rates and semiautomatic system, components for refrigerators with double thread screws (metric/auto treaded) at 4,5 Nm. + Solution: There have been realized different assembly stations which provide the operators with automatic screwdrivers EasyDriver CA, able to process smoothly and continuously these types of screws. Each station is made up of: Feeder for double thread screws (metric/auto treaded), equipped with high-capacity feeder bowl (3 liters, diam. Ø 420 mm), which manages the working cycle and guarantees high flexibility. Fast and easy to set, it manages the tightening cycle according to the specific application. Fiam latest generation Electric brushless screwdriver, equipped with automatic shutoff clutch, ensures accurate tightening to the required torque, up to 4,5 Nm.

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Solution’s benefits: • Reliable tightening due to the automatic shut off torque control system that assure high torque repeatability • Automatic screw driving solutions increase productivity and ensure a fast return of “investment” as it significantly reduces , tightening cycle time (-35%): manual steps that slow down the flow and assembling rhythms (such as picking up the screw and positioning it correctly on the workpiece), are eliminated. For measurable and reliable payback! • The patented automatic forward bit stroke keeps screw tip always visible to the operator and retracts...

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