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Tightening automation Household appliance field: boilers production Customer need: Introduce into the existing turntable, which includes 12 phases for the production of boilers components, 3 additional workstations for: 1. Tightening of screw with square washer on flange with tightening height control (later, in the production line, the ground wire is inserted by the operator who completes the tightening) 2. Tightening of M6 screw for fixing the boiler resistance on the flange, at 6 Nm 3. Tightening of a magnesium anode on the resistance cup at 10 Nm Flange Detail of the screw with square washer There are three independent stations that cope with three tightening needs and integrate perfectly into the pre-existing turntable. STATION 1: Feed unit, “pick and place” and tightening (D) Fiam designed and manufactured an assembly station positioned on a plate, complete with pneumo-electric system and PLC, scope of supply: • screw feeding system complete with vibrating bowl and linear feeder (A) • “pick and place” system to pick up and position the screw (B) • tightening module made up of a fastening slide with 3 vertical positions (rest, screws picking up, tightening) (C) housing an air shut-off nutrunner motor (D) The module moves on pneumatic axis X, Y. The screw is tightened at specified height achieving a cycle time of about 5 seconds from START to END of CYCLE. The height control of the screw (depth) is made through analog sensor positioned on the fastening slide , adjustable through parameters set on the PLC.

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Household appliance field: boilers production Phase of positioning and tightening on the turntable Detail of the screw head STATION 2: Tightening module with automatic screw feeding MCA STATION 3: Tightening with air shut-off nutrunner motor We used the tightening module MCA ideal for the integration into the existing production lines and when it is necessary to tighten medium and large number of screws at high speed. The module includes an electric brushless nutrunner motor (with current control of the torque plus angle) model 15MCB20C1 built-in on a double movement fastening slide. The...

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