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Tightening automation. Only excellent solutions.

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Automatic nut presenter: efficient solutions for rapid and safe assembly applications When bench or line assembly requires the use of very small nuts, time is essential to increase production. The innovative systems for fastening with automatic nuts feed notably reduce the cycle-time and thus improve productivity. This is why:  They offer an easy and continuous supply of nuts to be tightened  The manual phases involving picking up and positioning of the nut are eliminated; these systems make easier the operator work because nuts can be picked up directly from screwdriver without using the...

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‘Pick and place’ tightening systems AM The ‘pick and place’ systems guarantee greater speed in the work cycles with concrete reduction of the production costs. These are their different advantages: • The manual phases (picking up the nut and positioning it) are eliminated with a reduction of the cycle times over 24% • Increase of the productivity • Reduced fatigue for operator • Higher quality of the assembled products: no nut remains into the component EASY SUPPLY OF NUTS A high capacity vibrating loader unit equipped with a transparent cover for a good view of the bowl FEED SPEED It can...

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• Recommended working pressure: 6,3 bar • 1/4”gas air inlet • Mains supply: 220 V, 50 Hz • The code number must be used when ordering • Special socket for screwdriver to be ordered separately (see Accessories available upon request) HEXAGONAL NUTS Weight Minimum Maximum Hexagon height height kg mm mm mm Standard equipment (provided with the presenter) • Electronic unit for adjusting operating speed • Use and maintenance manual • Eco-friendly packaging Accessories available upon request SPECIAL SOCKETS FOR SCREWDRIVERS Special socket mm Centering ring C dimension: minimum measure to avoid...

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