Air screwdrivers with triple air inlet


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ACCURACY. POWER. ERGONOMICS. Forward pistol grip air screwdrivers with triple air inlet and reversibility next to starting button • Torque range: from 0,4 to 12 Nm • Automatic air shut-of

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RELIABILITY, FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT AND OF USE: FIAM QUALITY THREEFOLD. TORQUE REPEATABILITY VIBRATION LEVELS BELO The clutch device ensures torque repeatability and a Shift value also in the variable joint har grip air screwdrivers feature three possible different positions for air supply and a reversibility lever positioned next to the starting trigger. This new range of tools is particularly suitable for applications where screw loosening is recurring as REVERSIBILITY Reversibility switch and starting button can be activated by the same hand, allowing a practical change of rotation. into...

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AND )W 2,5 m/s2 s the highest a narrow Mean presence of dness. Standard equipment (supplied with the tool): • Air inlet coupling to activate the air inlet from above or behind depending on workplace requirements. • Clutch adjustment key • Additional clutch spring (only for 26C4/5... models) • Hanging ring • Use and maintenance manual • Eco-friendly packaging Accessories available upon request: • Bits, sockets,etc., balancers, exhaust silencers and other compressed air system accessories: (see Accessories catalogue) • Auxiliary grip: recommended for intensive tightening cycles or for torques...

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15 = Power of the motor in Watt/10 • C = Screwdriver 2 = Maximum tightening torque in Nm • A = Air shut-off system PA = 'Forward' pistol grip • 3I = 3 Inlets (3 air inlets ) 2CS = Double-signal pressure Reversibility: all models are suitable for tightening and untightening operations J Clutch spring \ssembled on the tool 'ey colour vire 3,2 mm 595103202 RecorRmcnded hosa bore 15C ... 0 5 mm Push button Supplied Black colour 0 wire 2,2 mm cod. 595102204 • The figures shown are measured at a pressure of 6,3 bar (ISO 2787) the recommended operating pressure. • Tightening torque values have...

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