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Air screwdrivers CY CG , • Torque range: from 7 to 103 Nm • Automatic air shut-off • Straight and pistol mod

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Air screwdrivers CY, CG - 2

Tightening at high Reliability torques and speeds using CG shut-off clutch models up to 103 Nm. A careful design guarantees long lifetime and reliability of the components which results in high productive process, less maintenance and repair costs Highly performing solutions for any mechanical field where tightenings at high torques achieving good torque repeatability with a good weight/performance ratio and high speed is necessary. The straight models CG complete the range increasing torque achieved, up to 103 Nm. The torque control system with automatic and immediate air shut-off...

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Air screwdrivers CY, CG - 3

Don’t be satisfied with the maximum Perfection is in your hands Naturally innovative Productivity Ergonomics Ecology Considerable increase of the efficiency of the tightening cycle thanks to innovative systems Optimization of the tool performances in regard to ergonomics and operator safety Innovative systems designed paying even more attention with respect to environment and of its safeguard These air screwdrivers are employed where good repeatability of the tightening torque is needed Thanks to the careful study of the internal gears, the vibration levels are below than 2,5 m/s2 for...

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Air screwdrivers CY, CG - 4

Screwdrivers with pneumatic pick-up signal CY9RAM-WP-2CS * CG models are available upon request with double signal ports for error proofing. Legend Reversibility: the reversible models are suitable for tightening und untightening operation Models with only right rotation: (only fastening) Push to start Lever start • The figures shown are measured at a pressure of 6,3 bar (ISO 2787), the recommended operating pressure. • The tightening torque values have been measured in accordance with ISO 5393 standard. • Noise level has been measured in accordance with ISO 3744 and ISO 15744 standards. *...

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