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Air screwdrivers CDE - 1

Faster, powerful, accurate. • Torque range : from 3 up to 12 Nm • Automatic air shut-of

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Air screwdrivers CDE - 2

Don’t be satisfied with the maximum Long lifetime of the components thanks to careful design and to quality of the productive process which results in less maintenance and repair costs Considerable increase of the efficiency of the tightening cycle thanks to innovative systems The torque control system (with automatic and immediate air shut-off) guarantees high torque repeatability on every type of joint The torque control system (with automatic and immediate air shut-off) reduces the need to perform quality controls at the end of assembly. The productivity of the tightening cycle can...

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Air screwdrivers CDE - 3

Perfection is in your hands Naturally innovative Optimization of the tool performances in regard to ergonomics and operator safety Innovative systems designed paying even more attention with respect to environment and of its safeguard Ergonomic grip: manufactured with an ergonomic sheath made of no slip material, making it easier to hold the screwdriver, increasing the hand grip, improving the handling, the thermal isolation and operator's comfort Comfortable reverse button for ambidextrous operators, with docking device Pistol grip, recommended for those situations where force is required...

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Air screwdrivers CDE - 4

Tightening torque on soft joint Legend Reversibility: All models are suitable for tightening und untightening operation Push to start Lever start • The figures shown are measured at a pressure of 6,3 bar (ISO 2787), the recommended operating pressure. • The tightening torque values have been measured in accordance with ISO 5393 standard. • Noise level has been measured in accordance with ISO 3744 and ISO 15744 standards. * Additional factor: 3 dBA spread in method and production (ISO 15744). • Vibrations level have been measured in accordance with ISO 28927-2. • Accessory drive: 1/4” 6,35...

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