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Air screwdrivers 15C - 1

Core innovation Straight, pistol and angle 15C air screwdrivers and nutrunners Torque range: from 0,4 to 5 Nm Automatic shut-off Body perfection

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Air screwdrivers 15C - 2

Searching for excellence, developing ideas. Are you looking for innovation, practicality and accuracy? Only the range of 15C tools can satisfy your needs. A modern range, ideal in every type of industrial assembly: to overcome the performance’s challenge with different control levels of the whole assembly process. For this reason each 15C tool is also designed to monitor the assembly cycle (poka-yoke system, anti-error system) or the joint, ensuring extraordinary results. 15C screwdrivers: perfection has a new name and a new number. Screwdrivers and nutrunners with TRACS2 torque control...

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Air screwdrivers 15C - 3

Control levels of the assembly process Level 2 Level 1 Torque control Torque control, screws counting • TRACS2 CLUTCH • ACCURATE TIGHTENINGS • HIGH REPEATABILITY • COUNTING OF TIGHTENED SCREWS • ACCURATE TIGHTENINGS • OK / KO CYCLE • HIGH REPEATABILITY • MONITORING OF THE TIGHTENING TIME Angle nutrunner

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Air screwdrivers 15C - 4

15C screwdrivers/nutrunners with TRACS2 torque control An eye for innovation, a glance to the future. For over 65 years Fiam has been moving towards the future and research. So it has designed the modern 15C air screwdrivers/ nutrunners, increasing quality and performances. Straight, pistol and angle tools are characterized by their extreme handiness and ergonomic grip: ideal for working with high productivity and minimum effort. Modern solutions ideal in mechanical, electrical, electronics and furniture fields. Long start lever. The handling of the tool is easier Comfortable and reduced...

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Air screwdrivers 15C - 5

Comfortable and reduced effort reverse cursor Ergonomic grip with no slip sheath for safe and comfortable tool holding ROLLBOX reduction gear system Low effort button with gradual starting system TRACS2 torque control system Quick-change chuck with easy and safe use Our name, your guarantee. For each model. 1 2 Technologically advanced MOTRIX air motor, ensuring higher performances. Patented TRACS2 torque control system; it guarantees high torque repeatability and vibration levels below 2,5 m/s2. ROLLBOX reduction gear system, ensuring high output. Practical cycle end acoustic signal....

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Air screwdrivers 15C - 6

Don’t be satisfied with the maximum Long lifetime of the components thanks to careful design and to quality of the productive process which results in less maintenance and repair costs Considerable increase of the efficiency of the tightening cycle thanks to innovative systems Tracs2 (Torque Repeatability and Accuracy Control System): the torque control system ensures a very high torque repeatability, i.e. a very low Mean Shift value also in the presence of variability of the joint softness level. This system maintains same torque values for hundreds of thousands of cycles. TRACS2 system...

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Air screwdrivers 15C - 7

Perfection is in your hands Naturally innovative Optimization of the tool performances in regard to ergonomics and operator safety PISTOL GRIP Minimal dimensions: these tools can be used in every position and when space is limited. Their handling is guaranteed because the grip is very near to the tool’s head Weight: extremely reduced weight and compact dimensions guarantee perfect handling Ergonomic grips: designed according to modern biomechanics principles paying particular attention to the features of the female hand. The grips are manufactured with an ergonomic sheath made of...

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Air screwdrivers 15C - 8

Tightening torque on soft joint Legend 15 = Power of the motor in Watt/10 • C = Screwdriver/Nutrunner • 2 = Maximum tightening torque in Nm • A = Air shut-off system • L = Lever • P = Pistol grip • 30 = Head at 30° • 90 = Head at 90° • PA = ‘Forward’ pistol grip Legend Reversibility: all models are suitable for tightening and untightening operations Push start Lever start Push button Push button Lever start • The figures shown are measured at a pressure of 6,3 bar (ISO 2787) the recommended operating pressure. • Tightening torque values have been measured in accordance with ISO 5393...

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Air screwdrivers 15C - 9

Other technical features TRACS2 clutch spring Assembled on the tool grey colour - Ø wire 3,2 mm Code 595103202 Supplied black colour - Ø wire 2,2 mm Code 595102204 Tightening torque on soft joint (Nm) Tightening torque on soft joint (Nm) Recommended hose bore Dimensions (mm) of angle models Models Other technical features Models Recommended hose bore 15C air screwdrivers/nutrunners are designed for use with lubricated and unlubricated compressed air Standard equipment (supplied with the tool) • Clutch adjustment key • Additional clutch spring (only for straight and pistol models) • Hanging...

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Air screwdrivers 15C - 10

15C screwdrivers/nutrunners with TRACS2 torque control + screws counting 0% error, 100% accuracy. Did you lose any screws? The ‘screws count’ function will help you: therefore in case of high production rate, you won’t risk any omission. Moreover, the feed-back signal and the end one to pass to next piece accelerate the production cycles and ensure control on the assembled products. So dead times will decrease and quality will increase. • Lever or push button air shut-off 15C SCREWDRIVERS equipped with pneumatic pick-up signal (ported) • COMPUTERIZED MONITORING UNIT TOM (Tightening...

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Air screwdrivers 15C - 11

Tightening Operation Monitor Model Electric feed Monitoring unit width 208 x depth 128 x height 42 Standard equipment • Feeder • Feed cable • Use and maintenance manual • Eco-friendly packaging TOM Tightening Operation Monitor is also available in the configuration BOX TOM, that includes: TOM unit and all its accessories already wired in a single box. This “Plug and Play’ solution is easy to introduce into assembly lines and extremely practical since you just need to connect the air line and the power supply to start production immediately. Model Electric feed Monitoring unit h 265 mm...

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