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A concentrate of power for any application. Air motors Reversible models - Power: from 0,20kW up to 0,65kW Free speed: from 40 up to 16.500 rpm Non-reversible models - Power: from 0,15kW up to 0,80kW Free speed: from 50 up to 20.000 rpm

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An incomparable range • Over 1000 off-the-shelf catalogue items to choose from • One million machines built and operating around the globe, and more than 70 years’ experience • 100% designed and „Made in Italy“ • Solutions tested and inspected by our in-house certified laboratories • Use of environmentally compatible packaging, with specific packaging mad

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Fiam air motors: high-performance for every need. Compact, performing, light, reliable: Fiam industrial air motors represent the ideal solution for many applications. They were created to be integrated into a wide range of machinery, in feed devices, mechanical drives or inside manual tools in various production sectors, and always ensure unaltered performance over time, even in the most severe conditions of use. Because of their small size, few components and thorough design jointly with the customer, Fiam motors can become high-performance drives in a wide range of pneumatic tools....

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Why choose them. The motor Fiams last a life An organised structure at your side Completely Made in Italy The design consolidated experience, the accuracy in the workmanships, the continuous investments in machineries to the state-of-the-art one assure nonstop operations for thousand and thousand of cycles. The pneumatic motors Fiam are assembled and coupled with tolerances in the order of the thousandth one of millimeter and this involves the maximum optimization of the outputs: there is no dispersion of compressed air and therefore consumptions of air extremely meeting places. For smaller...

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Customer support can begin from the product design stage right up to industrialisation. In-house prototyping ensures that Fiam can simulate integration of the motor in the final machine/ application and test the solution before production at no extra cost. The motors are completely modular for faster maintenance and replacement of the spare parts in case of wear. The use of many common components favours the supplying and the management of the spare parts. Our worldwide distributors take care of maintenance and provide original spare parts quickly at controlled prices. . All the components...

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All the technical benefits. Easy to set and to control • The main parameters as torque, speed and sense of rotation can be modified and simply checked without the control unity, as in case of the electric motor. • Instant inversion of rotation. • They run only when activated, assuring the energy saving. • The performances of pneumatic motor depend on the dynamic air pressure measured at the air inlet of the motor. Therefore with a simple regulation of the air pressure and flow, there will be obtained proportional torque and speed variation. • With the pressure regulator installed at the air...

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• Compared to the electric motors with equal power, they perform in a heavy working conditions and support continuous starts and stops. When stalling, they will not overheat: pneumatic motor actually cools off when running, thus preventing any risk of short circuit. • The constructive features of the motor prevent the explosive gases to reach the rotating parts - ATEX versions are available for particularly dangerous environments. • Working at high temperatures and humidity, they fit sterilized environments such as those in the food sector where there are frequent cleaning and sterilization...

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Air motors - 8

Endless applications. These motors are very versatile; they can be customized for particular applications requiring specific motor design and construction. Fiam is able to develop these solutions with customized motors to satisfy customer’s specific needs: a great competitive advantage, especially when the motor has to be integrated within a certain type of equipment or within a particular type of tool. FOOD SECTOR Air motors are used for mixing liquids, driving, closing, covering therefore can be installed within food treatment machineries, bottling, food packing and wrapping, but also...

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Customisations. Fiam can offer numerous customisations designed and made to measure, even with small production runs. A wide range of accessories is also available for all motors. Very low rpm and guaranteed start, even at lower pressures of feeding With different performance characteristics: torque, rpm and power With various materials and/or coatings With different degrees of IP Protection For humid environments and in the presence of liquids Oil free Waterproof With certification ATEX in compliance with the European standards With different output shafts (example: tapered, morse taper,...

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Features and performances of Fiam air motors Performances of an air motor depend on the dynamic air inlet pressure measured at the intake of air motor; therefore by simply adjusting the air supply, using the techniques of throttling or pressure regulation, we can obtain the characteristic linear output torque/speed relationship. The performance data of the motors is valid for an air supply pressure of 6,3 bar (ISO 2787). The main features of an air motor are: • Power in Watt • Speed at point of maximum power, rpm • Torque at maximum power, Nm • Starting torque, Nm Torque (Nm) Power ( kW)...

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Load on the output shaft The radial force The motor output shaft is in contact with the device to be moved, and is subjected to two forces: • The radial force • The axial force These forces act on the bearings inside the motor and affect their service life. The maximum radial load depends on the axial load, and vice versa. LOADS CARICHI seconda norma 281 (L10) [min rev.] according to ISO ISO281 standard 1200 How to choose an air motor When selecting a motor, it is important to identify the ‘working point’ appropriate for your application. This ‘working point’ is given by under load...

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