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Accessories for ergonomic workplace • Cartesian arms • Positionning devices • Poka Yoke systems • Pick & Place systems • Other accessories

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Ergonomics improves workers’ work and well-being. There is a big difference between working and working well. A workstation based on an ergonomic approach serves to improve both the efficiency and well-being of peoples. Safe and orderly work lines have a positive effect on operability, but also on physical and mental health. It is not enough just to provide operators with tools that prevent any physical fatigue, are not very noisy and keep working environments healthy. Nor is it enough to arrange the components to be assembled comfortably, conveniently and correctly on the work bench. It is...

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Accessories for ergonomic workplace - 3

The 4 factors that make a workstation an ergonomic workstation. 1. New generation tools The latest tools reduce fatigue, precisely because they are designed to reduce effort and improve working conditions. The tools must be chosen according to the type of joint, of screws, of operator’s position at workplace (sitting or standing) but also based on flows production and their variability. 2. Choice of accessories Poka Yoke systems, screw or component feed systems and reaction arms improve productivity as well as physical, organizational and cognitive ergonomics. TAccessories must be chosen...

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Accessories for ergonomic workplace - 4

• Magnesium telescopic arms page 5 • Telescopic arms page 8 • Cartesian arms page 11 • Articulated cartesian arms page 14 • Assisted cartesian arms with pneumatic push device page 16 • Assisted cartesian arms with locking device page 18 • Linear sliding rail for reaction arms page 24 • Balancing arms page 26 • Different accessories for reaction arms page 27 Positioning systems • Telescopic and cartesian arms with position detection device page 20 • Tightening cycle monitoring systems page 32 • Program selector through accessory withdrawal page 37 • Led indicators and tower lights with...

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Accessories for ergonomic workplace - 5

BT-MG MAGNESIUM TELESCOPIC ARMS Innovative range of telescopic arms in magnesium alloy, designed and produced by Fiam. Conform for use with any kind of tool (screwdrivers/nutrunners, drills, tappers) being extremely resistant to mechanical stress thus guaranteeing reliability and long life span, thanks to accurate manufacturing process and applied innovative materials. Designed with different telescopic extension elements (3 for all models and 2 for BT-MG 10...), they are conform for working areas according to different productive needs: from a minimum of 45,5 cm to a maximum of over 2...

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Accessories for ergonomic workplace - 6

• Wide operating area • Wide rotation of the tool around its axis • They eliminate any counterblow to operator’s hands • They reduce vibrations caused by the tool • Reduce the worker’s fatigue in handling the equipment • They assure a comfortable and immediate taking of the tool next to the point of work • Enable the operator to keep a good wrist position • They prevent musculoskeletal diseases caused by repeated mechanical stresses • Fiam BT-MG arms absorbe the reaction 30% more than the other arms o

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Accessories for ergonomic workplace - 7

Standard equipment (supplied with arm) Accessories available upon request • Universal clamp with 2 kits of screws with different lengths to install tools with different diameter from 26.5 up to 50 mm • Eco-friendly packaging • Use and maintenance manual • Tool holder accessory (1) for electric screwdrivers eTensil code 692079180. Manages 9 positions of rotations. WORK AREA WHEN USING VERTICALLY (arm fixed to the ceiling) CEILING ANGLE = 60° Side view work surface

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Accessories for ergonomic workplace - 8

The BT-TOP arms are designed and produced by Fiam to be mounted on the top of the workbench, offering an ergonomic and compact layout that allows to work effortlessly, allowing the fluid sliding of any type of tool along the vertical axis of the arm. Their telescopic stroke and wide range of action offer flexibility and precision in the several activities in which they can be used. • Vertical use: BT-TOP arms are designed to be mounted vertically on top of the operator's workbench, offering a streamlined workstation layout. • NO SPIN device: we have integrated a NO SPIN antirotation device...

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Accessories for ergonomic workplace - 9

Working area: CEILING Model • They eliminate any counterblow on the operator's hands • They reduce vibrations • They eliminate the need for force in holding the tool • Minimize worker fatigue when moving the equipment • They guarantee a comfortable and immediate grip of the tool near the work point • They allow you to maintain a good wrist position • They prevent the onset of musculoskeletal diseases due to repeated mechanical stress.

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Accessories for ergonomic workplace - 10

Standard equipment (supplied with arm) • Tool clamp equipped with 2 kits of different screws to install tools with different diameter • Balancer • Use and maintenance manual • Eco-friendly packaging Accessories for BT-TOP arms CLAMP FOR BT-TOP WITH STRAIGHT eTensil SCREWDRIVERS Code 692078060 It is specific for installing straight eTensil electric screwdrivers. The clamp promotes safe anchoring without damaging the tool and ensures an optimal position of the operator's hand-arm system. Supplied with screws kit to install tool. For technical details see page 28 CLAMP FOR BT-TOP WITH ANGLE...

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Accessories for ergonomic workplace - 11

CARTESIAN ARMS Fiam Cartesian arms represent fundamental solutions for ergonomics workplace. They are completely designed and manufactured by Fiam and can be used with any type of tool with a diameter up to 50 mm and weight up to 11 kg. A universal clamp is supplied but, upon request, numerous accessories are available for correctly fitting different Fiam tools to ensure maximum safety and functionality. Available in several versions: • Cartesian arms • Articulated Cartesian arms • Cartesian arms and Articulated Cartesian arms to be fixed to the surface or upper structure (TOP) • Assisted...

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