Tightening symmetric and asymmetric tud bolt on components for submerged pumps - 2 Pages

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Tightening symmetric and asymmetric tud bolt on components for submerged pumps

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Tightening automation Plumbing and heating industry Customer need: Tightening symmetric and asymmetric stud bolts on components for submerged pumps. There are two types of stud bolts, to be tightened at about 12 Nm: M8x35 symmetrical (fully threaded) M8x37 asymmetric (with collar D.9,6) Symmetric and asymmetric stud bolts to be tightened. Head for stud bolts with tightening bush with “guaranteed release” that ensures the perfect release of the stud bolt once tightened. Solution: Fiam designed and manufactured a solution composed of two, 2-ways auto fed tightening systems to process the different stud bolts. Each system is equipped with two independent fastening slides, double stroke type, on which are installed nutrunner motors model MCY11RA with automatic air shut-off. Distance between centers is 76 mm.

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Plumbing and heating industry Feeder for stud bolts: two vibrating bowls to feed the two different types of stud bolts. Advantages of this solution: • Thanks to this solution the customer moved from manual to completely automatic assembly operation that ensures faster and more reliable production cycles. • Only Fiam has been able to offer a solution that allows precise and automatic orientation of asymmetric stud bolts, a fundamental element in the production process. • Assembly operations become faster and more reliable, reducing the quantity of waste. A decisive advantage to ensure final...

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