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SPS  - Socket Programme Selector

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SPS Control and reliability of fastening strategies SPS Socket Program Selector

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Be demanding Control and reliability of fastening strategies SPS is the new Poka Yoke device for selection of fastening program by sockets/bits pick up. It works in connection Reliability • Designed and manufactured by Fiam with the latest electronic technologies with Fiam control units. • Can be used with CB DC electric Up to 8 sockets or bits (with diameter up to 80 mm) can be selected. The unit checks correspondence between socket picked up and pre-set tightening program as indicated from the controller. Selection LEDs and socket pick-up acoustic signal (buzz): each socket spot is indeed...

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Naturally innovative Don't be satisfied    Perfection is with the maximum    in your hands • Possibility to select up to 8 different accessories (bits/ sockets) • The socket tray couplings have to be customized/worked according to customer's need and they are fast to install following user guide instructions • The couplings can accommodate bits and sockets with 42 mm max 0. For diameters bigger than this, special couplings are available upon request: they allow the installation of accessories with 0 up to 64 or 80 mm • Easy and practical menu navigation using only two keys • It helps the...

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SPS - Socket Program Selector ► Models listed in the chart have standard spots for accessories up to 42 mm 0 Standard equipment (supplied with selector) • 7 mt. connecting cable • 8 socket spots to be customized • 2 I/O connectors • Eco-friendly packaging • Use and maintenance manual Accessories available upon request Special socket tray For diameters higher than 42 mm (up to 64 or 80 mm) In this case, the SPS selector can accommodate: • 8 special sockets for diameters up to 64 mm • 4 special non consecutive sockets for diameters up to 80 mm Bits, sockets, bushes, balancers etc. To choose...

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