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Rotary Table Assembly Machine

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Nr. 79 - 07/2012 Tightening automation Components for Motorvehicle Assembly of various type of headlights Automatic assembly machine with turntable to assemble over 20 different models of headlights, designed and manufactured by Fiam. The worker prepares components on a customized jig in front of the turn table then, manually load the latter after taking off already assembled headlight.

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Components for Motorvehicle 1st station Loading part Manual load of components moving the part from worker's jig to turntable jig. Manual start: the turntable turns and the component is transferred to the next station for the automatic assembly. Jigs for manual assembly and turntable loading. 2nd station Empty: available for future use. 3rd station Fastening of 4 self threading screws for plastic by means of 4 air nutrunner motors with air shut off clutch. Motors are built-in double stroke fastening slides. 4th station Station currently not used, available for possible automatic unloading...

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Components for Motorvehicle 1st station Unloading part 4 LEDs lights display the assembly outcomes: OK = target torque and screw depth achieved. The worker can manually unload the workpiece, and load the next part. Screwfeeding units Screws are fed automatically from 2 screwfeeding units with vibrating bowl having high feeding rate (also included 2 linear vibrating feeders and 2 way screw selectors). Circular and linear vibrating feeders Barriers with open devices to load the screws

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Components for Motorvehicle Advantages of this solution Waste elimination Flexibility of the solution A solution guaranteed by Fiam Assembly procedures are fast and accurate reducing the percentage of non compliant products (wastes): a decisive advantage for quality. A very flexible solution: the machine is designed to assemble several different types of headlights. The solution has been designed and manufactured entirely by Fiam. It has been tested carefully to guarantee our customer a perfect operation. Watch the video of this application on you tube! Type in Google “video: fiamairtools”...

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