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Guide to the choice for tightening process

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Guide to the choice. From products to service: the tightening process according to Fiam Industrial screwdrivers: air, electric, cumputerised

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TIGHTENING. THE TENET OF A MOVING FUTURE. Tightening is not a simple action. It is a fundamental part of any industrial process, and many factors should be carefully considered: screw, joint and screwdriver. The overall quality of the tightening process is therefore closely linked to the right choice of the most suitable type of screw for the application, of the material which makes up the components of the joint and of the air or electric screwdriver. For this reason we realized this Guide, a vademecum to make the right choice easier. For further information regarding the themes of the...

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Nowadays, specific screws are available depending on the kind of materials and the various applications; this offers quicker, safer and less expensive assembly work. Choosing the right screw is very important: the speed of screw inserting depends on thread geometry and screw pitch, while the head’s imprint influences the applied torque. The joint Steel, aluminium, plastic and wood, etc. create different joints and therefore they can support different tightening forces. It’s important to know what material the joint is made of when choosing the screw and the screwdriver. Joints can be hard...

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The tightening force of the screw The tightening force is obtained by applying a torque to the screw and allows two elements to be kept firmly together. Only about 10% of the torque is transformed into tightening force, the remaining 90% is dissipated in various types of frictions. Frictions make the tightening force applied to the screw (and therefore to the effective hold of the joint) extremely variable. As a result, the values of tightening torque to apply to the screw, shown in the table here beside, are purely indicative. 10% is transformed into tightening force which guarantees the...

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The table shows approximate recommended torque values (in Nm) for wide pitch metric screws featuring various degrees of resistance (ref. EN ISO 898-1). As regards self-threading screws, self-locking nuts, stainless steel screws, etc., due to the considerable complexity of the variables that affect torque levels (type of material, frictions...) the correct torque value to apply should be analysed case by case. SCREW STRENGTH CLASS (DIN) RECOMMENDED TORQUE (Nm)

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TIGHTENING TORQUE CONTROL. THE PRINCIPLE THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE. In order to choose the best screwdriver, it is important to know the principles lying behind each family of screwdrivers, that is, the tightening torque control system. Generally speaking, the following considerations also apply to air nutrunner motors: for these products please contact the Fiam Technical Consultancy Service or refer to the specific guide to the choice on the corresponding Fiam catalogues.

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Air screwdrivers and nutrunners with clutch The clutch is a mechanical torque control device and can be of various types. Immediate and automatic air shut-off clutch When the pre-set torque value is reached, the clutch automatically stops the air feed and the air motor. It guarantees high torque repeatability and generates minimum reaction on the hand of the operator. The sophisticated design concept and machining precision of the clutch guarantee quality tightening regardless of the action of the operator and the variable softness of the joint. Immediate and automatic air shut-off clutch...

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PULSE AIR WRENCHES Mechanic impact air wrenches Mechanic impact air wrenches are not currently used much at industrial level due to their elevated noise and vibration levels. They are particularly suited to many fields - from building and road construction to shipbuilding, railway construction, chemical plants, structural work, farm machinery and earthmoving equipment. They can be used to easily and quickly tighten and unscrew large screws, nuts and bolts, even badly rusted ones. Hydraulic pulse air wrenches Hydraulic pulse air wrenches are a satisfactory solution to tighten at...

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Types of joint and choice of torque control system A list of examples of joints follows together with the most suitable torque control system for most applications. The wide variety of assembly solutions leads us to recommend an adequate “on-site” assessment in cooperation with the Fiam Technical Consultancy Service. Soft joint (A) andelastica (A) e rigida (B) metal metallo (classe 8,8)8,8) Giunzione hard joint (B) / vite per screw (class The initial torque required is very low and grows gradually (soft joint A) or rapidly (hard joint B) when the screw head begins to slip on the joint....

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TORQUE CONTROL SYSTEM 1* Air screwdrivers and nutrunners with automatic shut-off Air screwdrivers/nutrunners with double signal port to be connected to computerised monitoring unit TOM Air screwdrivers/nutrunners and torque transducer to be connected to computerised control unit TOCS-TC Air screwdriver and nutrunners with slip clutch 15C STRAIGHT, PISTOL, ANGLE A6... ANGLE WITH FLAT HEAD AF ANGLE WITH FLAT HEAD DRIVE VERSIONS AVAILABLE FOR ALL RANGES: 15C, 26C, AD, AG, CY E IHE VERSIONS AVAILABLE FOR ALL RANGES: 15C, 26C, AD E AG CSE...R STRAIGHT AND PISTOL CSE...RE STRAIGHT AND PISTOL Air...

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» ERGONOMICS AND SAFETY. TIGHTEN WELL, PRODUCE BETTER. Ergonomics and good quality of the tools together with the optmization of their use in the working place are the main factors to safeguard the operator’s health and safety. They are therefore fundamental parameters of choice.

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Fiam commitment for safety, ergonomics and environment safeguard has been realised not only by designing and manufacturing innovative and modern tools, but also by working with European ergonomics experts, work medicine physicians, safety experts, who support Fiam with their experience. Fiam has modern laboratories and specialized technicians in work-place analisys, measurement of noise level, vibration and other ergonomic parameters. Fiam supports its customers with concrete instruments and services regarding ergonomics: we suggest you to read the different Fiam publications about safety....

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