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DC Driven nutrunner motors

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Tightening automation. Only excellent solutions. High-tech automatic tightening solutions Fiam PEOPLE AND SOLUTIONS

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Automatic tightening solutions. The best of Fiam for your production. They allow to control, monitor, analyze, diagnose and programme in real-time. They can be integrated perfectly with the network control systems of the production site. They guarantee a very high control of the productive process and consequently of the quality of the assembled products. These are the new Fiam solutions for industrial tightening: a concentrate of innovation and reliability.

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For any threaded element Semi-automatic solutions: a valuable help for operators Multi-spindle tightening units: they assemble several fasteners simultaneously Brushless DC driven nutrunner motor (with offset device) installed on fastening slide and anthropomorphic arm Anthropomorphic robot, versatile and always convertible Electric axis to ease assembly on different surface Manual use on cartesian arm Pallets automatic line to fasten the screws on thermo-hydraulic collectors

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Configurations High technology DC driven nutrunner motors with feed and control unit: perfect synergy for high quality assemblies • This wide range of high-tech DC electric nutrunner motors along with the controller guarantees extreme precision and accuracy of every industrial assembly • Several configurations with different modes of torque control and monitoring to solve any tightening need, even most difficult ones • Suitable for all industrial fields from motor vehicle to aerospace, from electric household appliances to electro-mechanical field. These solutions guarantee allover: high...

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CP-MAX CP nominal CP-MIN CP-Threshold Different control modalities available: torque control with angle monitoring, angle control with torque monitoring, only torque control. Rotation angle • Feed and control unit • Control unit

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Feed and control unit TCS-B E: the intelligent simplicity TCS-B E (Tightening Control System - Basic - Evolution) are innovative and compact units that include electric feeding to the motors, programming and control of each stage of tightening cycle. They control both current control and torque/angle nutrunner motors. 5 strategies: it is possible to choose between screw drive-engagement, torque, torque/angle, angle/torque, loosening. 5 programmable modalities, to guarantee reliability and working speed Optical outcomes visualization for an immediate understanding through OK, NOK, RUN...

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Simple, intuitive connections and programming • Simple, intuitive installation on a PC with the standard equipment supplied (RS232 cable) • System configuration through the quick guide, document "step by step” to immediately start the system • System calibration: the motors connected to this unit are on display; it is sufficient to select the motor connected and all parameters are automatically set • OFF LINE programming: it is possible to create, modify and save the tightening programs without connection to TCS-B E system • ON LINE programming: management of tightening programs with PC...

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Accessories upon request Interface unit TCA The Interface unit (Tightening Control Adapter) is available in 2 versions: • TCA-PN Interface Unit for Profinet e Modbus TCP-IP TCA-PB Interface Unit for Profibus. Both units work with the TCS-B E, are entirely designed and manufactured by Fiam and allow to interface and to control digital I/Os and export all output data directly through the PROFINET / MODBUS TCP-IP and PROFIBUS comunication protocol. The TCA-PB model has an additional gateway for Profibus protocol. From the PLC Master, through communication protocols TCA is able: • To export...

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EXTERNAL STORAGE KIT Device able to collect serial data processed by the unit, couple them with date and hour and store them in digital storage card supplied with. The card has a 2GB capacity and can be used with PC for data storage and processing. Supplied with electric supply unit (IN100-240Vac 50-60Hz / OUT 12 Vdc), serial interface cable for unit, 2GB capacity digital storage card. Programming. Model Storage capacity Example of data stored 1 = Tightening date 2 = Tightening hour 3 = Character of start of printing string 4 = Tightening torque in Nm 5 = Tightening torque outcome (Y = yes,...

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Feed and control unit TCS-B E Output tension driver motor (dc link)    70/300 Volt Graphic display    No Programming keypad    No Display torque/time curve    No Italian - English    Yes (software) French    Yes (software) German    No Spanish    No Automatic nutrunner configuration    No Number of Motors to manage (channels)    1 Results to be stored    No OK /NOT OK cycles Torque/angle/time values General statistics BASIC FuNCTIONS Error    Yes Tightening sequence programming    Yes Program instructions    Up to 50 advanced functions Number of screws for tightening sequence    1 Chart...

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Control unit + driver: Control unit For all DC driven nutrunner motors, TOC units ensure a complete monitoring of the tightening cycle thanks to visualization of the OK NOK cycles, torque/time values and different control strategies. All can be stored and elaborated statistically. Several programs and working steps are available, for and accurate cycle setting at all stages: start, speed, time, angle value, torque value, tightening time value, management of inputs to connect... Immediate display of fastening outcomes (angle, torque, working time) Visualization and printing of last rundown...

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