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Components for Automation

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Reliabilitv Productivity Ergonomics Don't be satisfied with the maximum Perfection is in your hands Be demanding Naturally innovative FIAM COMPONENTS FOR INDUSTRIAL TIGHTENING AUTOMATION. A VALUABLE CHOICE. Fiam components for These advantages result in industrial automation less maintenance and repair represent a 'valuable choice' costs and a considerable because they are designed increase of the efficiency of and built to guarantee long the productive cycles. Available also in customized version based on the customer's requirements, they are able to satisfy every customer's need. life,...

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CIRCULAR FEEDERS Circular feeders are fundamental instruments for semi-automatic or automatic tightening Systems where continuous screw feeding is required. These solutions can be adapted to many applications also with different working conditions; materials used for the feeders have peculiar features, like for instance the adiprene wear resistant material with which the bowl is coated, ensure high reliability over time and ensure sound-proof working environments. Productivity is ensured by the high capacity of the feeders; two models with different (0 d G feeding capacity are available....

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'OVERLOAD' SENSORS NWith assembly Systems foreseeing automatic screw feeding, the "overload" sensor is an important device to be applied to the circular feeder aluminium bowl in order to improve the feeding constancy and continuously ensure system opration. The control of the screw quantity on the feeder tracks is guaranteed by an optical fibre or a photocell employed with the aim to prevent screws getting stuck in the selection duct. As the optical fibre or the photocell detect the screws, they activate an electro-valve which is producing an air flow eliminating excess screws. In such a...

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ELECTRONIC CONTROLLER This component is a necessary tool for adjusting the amplitude of vibration produced by the circular feeder. Of modern conception, it guarantees perfect synchronization with the system in all conditions. It is equipped with a progressive start device to be selected. Appropriately over-dimensioned power stages are provided to handle any overloads without interruption, whether operating at 50 or 60 Hz. Highly linear range of adjustment, as well as provision for setting the maximum and minimum vibration limits. It is also equipped with a silencing filter to eliminate any...

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SCREW FEEDING AND SELECTOR UNITS Fiam proposes screw feeding Systems which are being supplied already assembled and commissioned. Their features allow to rationalize working posts, thanks to the continuous screw feeding and to the high bowl feeder capacity, allowing faster and more productive assembly operations. Such solutions, designed and built by Fiam, are ideal for customers wanting to integrate such systems in their existing or future production (on machines and/or semi-automatic or automatic assembly lines). Screw feeding units can be of two types, namely one or two ways, or from...

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1-WAY SELECTOR The 1-way selector is an important component positioned at the outlet of the duct next to the circular screw feeder, used to separate and send the screws singly from the feeder. Once the screw falls into the hose, it is shot to the tightening point. It guarantees high productivity and efficient tightening cycle thanks to the high proposed supply rate: a total of 120 medium-sized screws per minute. Completely designed and manufactured by Fiam with high quality materials, it guarantees high reliability and long lifetime also with high productive rhythms. S co O /Component I...

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SCREW DISTRIBUTORS This unit is positioned just after the 2-way screw slection system. It enables to feed and shoot from 3 up to 8 screws at a time guaranteeing high productivity. In fact more tightening systems can be fed and more components can be assembled at the same time. Designed and manufactured by Fiam with high quality materials, they guarantee high reliability and long lifetime also with high productive rhythms. rose) JComponent IModei /Description 7 RP 3V 3-way distributor 8 RP 4V 4-way distributor 9 RP 5V 5-way distributor 10 RP 6V 6-way distributor 11 RP 7V 7-way distributor 12...

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SCREW HEADS This component is required in order to hold the screw coming from the bowl feeder through the feeding hose and guide it before it is tightened on the workpiece. Holding the screw is necessary in order to enable the bit to lower onto the screw and proceed to tightening the component. The head is equipped with jaws which are opening to release the screw when the bit starts tightening the screw on the component. Screw heads are extremely reliable as they are built with highest quality materials through precise and accurate machining which, together with the treatments, guarantee...

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TECHNICAL FEATURES THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE 0 OF THE SCREW HEAD AND THE OVERALL LENGTH OF THE SCREW MUST BE SUPERIOR/EQUAL 1,5 (SEE CHARTS BELOW) E.g. : 0 screw head = 7 mm, the minimum overall length of the screw must be 10,5 mm. The overall length of the screw must be at least 10 mm. /Bheadscrew (mm)/Overall length of I_I the screw (mm) E.g.: 0screw head = 8 mm, the minimum overall length of the screw must be 12 mm. E.g. : 0 screw head = 14 mm, the minimum overall length of the screw must be 21 mm. 10 head screw (mm) 1 Overall length of the screw (mm) 10 head screw (mm) I Overall...

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BUSHES The bushes are indispensable accessones for Connecting the screw feeding hose to the head for holding screws. Bushes are of 3 sizes basing on the type/size of the screw head and are supplied customized basing on the screw and hose types. Materials of which they are made render bushes extremely reliable overtime also in prsence of high production rates. /Comportent /Mode! /Description 14 BCC P 4 Head bush P 0 int. 4 14 BCC P 4,5 Head bush P 0 int. 4,5 14 BCC P 5 Head bush P 0 int. 5 14 BCC P 5,5 Head bush P 0 int. 5,5 14 BCC P 6 Head bush P 0 int. 6 14 BCC P 6,5 Head bush P 0 int. 6,5...

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