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CB: hi-tech DC screwdrivers with torque/angle control

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Excellent reliability, winning productivity. Fiam: the guarantee of best result CB: hi-tech DC screwdrivers with torque/angle control • Torque range: from 0,6 up to 115 Nm • Speed: from 245 up to 2535 rp

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Solutions with torque and angle control Innovation, reliability, performance. The b They can be integrated perfectly with the network control systems of the production site. The They guarantee a very high control of the productive process and consequently of the quality o for industrial tightening: a concentration of innovation and reliability.

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best of Fiam for your production cycle. ey allow to control, monitor, analyze, diagnose and programme in real-time. of the assembled products. These are the new, extraordinary Fiam solutions aND RELIABILITY: TOGETHER FOR A 3 TIMES PERFECT SINERGY Screwdriver, control unit, single cable: these are the 3 innovative core parts of the CB systems designed and manufactured by Fiam for you. 3 elements that work in perfect sinergy and allow to obtain extremely reliable and very high quality assembled products.

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CB: hi-tech DC screwdrivers with torque/angle control Screwdriver, electric cable, control unit: a perfect and incomparable dialogue What is your productive need? This wide range of DC screwdrivers – pistol, straight and angle – is your solution to satisfy every need in terms of torque and speed. The hi-tech DC screwdrivers with torque/angle control CB have extremely advanced features and are connected to a single feed and control unit, through a single cable. So you will have the guarantee of a perfect productive process.

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Mean Shift Optimizer The control units of the CB tightening systems have the MSO software feature. This extremely advanced and accurate device varies automatically and electronically tool speed, adapting it to the joint depending on its softness/hardness during tightening. The feature can be enabled or disabled depending on the type of application: it manages simultaneously screwdriver speed as the joint varies; this situation occurs often in mass-production where the features of the products to be assembled may differ. • It reduces assembly times increasing productivity • It improves...

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Don’t be satisfied with the maximum Long lifetime of the components guaranteed by careful design and quality of the productive process which results in less maintenance and repair costs Considerable increase of the efficiency of the tightening cycle thanks to innovative systems All CB screwdrivers have a transducer and an encoder which effect the control of the torque and angle with DIRECT modality; this ensures high resolution in the measurement of torque and angle values guaranteeing an excellent tightening process control For an optimal control of the operator’s activities,the buttons...

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Perfection is in your hands Naturally innovative Optimization of the tool performances in regard to ergonomics and operator safety Innovative systems designed paying even more attention with respect to environment and of its safeguard Extremely compact, light and balanced, these screwdrivers are supplied with particular grips for a perfect ergonomics Pistol models are very well balanced and with extremely reduced dimensions; they are also available in versions with top feeding cable These systems meet the most important ergonomic requirements such as low noise level, maximum safety and...

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TCS feed and control unit: every need is satisfied TCS (Tightening Control System) unit is innovative instrument that include the feed features to the screwdrivers (power, current parameters etc.), the programming and the accurate control of each stage of the assembly process.

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Programming has never been easier A perfect reading for an immediate understanding The display, well-lit and with visible characters, has a clear and functional layout. An intuitive navigation to carry out the operation you want In the menu, the navigation is particularly intuitive and simple. Few keys are needed to configure the parameters, process tightening data or view the entire system diagnostics and create many assembly strategies. A safe system for errors verification The effective results can be compared with quality objectives: for example the system counts the tightenings...

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• Through its 99 programmes, it permits to obtain up to 12 tightening sequences for each programme: speed, torque/angle, acceleration (ramp), slow seek and self tapping, direction (clockwise/anticlockwise), torque treshold, unit of measurement... • 8+8 I/Os for connection to PLC and for acquiring certain information (OK-NOT OK for each individual tightening cycle to be programmed) • It permits to set 7 tightening strategies (torque control and angle monitoring, torque control and angle control, torque monitoring and angle control, min/ max torque, yield point, gradient and untightening) •...

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Standard equipment (supplied with tool) • Software to OFF LINE programme (from PC) • External memory (USB key) • Quick guide for immediate use • Eco-friendly packaging • Use and maintenance manual • Male I/O connector for wiring • Support (see A on drawing): it allows the installation on pre-existing systems and eases the practical positioning of the cables

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PROGRAMMING ON BOARD (on line) Main menu The work strategy is easily selectable 1. Identification icon of the controller state (it lights and flashes) 2. Display of the tool torque 3. Working cycle visualization 4. Programming features 5-6. Tightening stages or jobs Set Up Different tightening strategies, the modality of count type “Poka yoke” and many other units of measurement can be set There are two programming modes: • easier (Wizard) • more accurate In the Wizard programming, the minimum / maximum torque required can be set and automatically the unit will calculate the nominal torque....

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ProgrammING FROM personal computer (off line) OFF-LINE software, already installed as standard on TCS 3 - V, has a graphical interface that enables the programming of the unit directly on the personal computer. The step by step setting is logical and intuitive as on board: moreover there is high capacity for analysis and reporting. Main menu of the programming off-line software. Allows to: • Programme the TCS unit • Analyze the tightening data and make the diagnostics of the screwdriver/controller system • View and print the tightening programmes and the general settings • Update the TCS...

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