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Automatic assembly of plastic chairs

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Tightening automation FURNITURE INDUSTRY: chair frames manufacturing Customer’s need: Automatic assembly of 4 components of plastic chairs. Each component has a number of tightening points located at different heights also deep into holes. The solutions has to provide: • manual load by the operator • reliability of each rundown • the possibility of future retrofit Solution: Fiam has manufactured 4 semi-automatic tightening units. Each workstation, managed by an operator, includes: Component customized jig, for its manual load/unload, including sensor detecting component presence Control panel to set and check in real time machine working parameters, displaying error messages for operator’s rapid intervention Self-feeding tightening module made of a double stroke fastening slide housing a DC electric (current control) brushless nutrunner motor Tightening module moves along 3 linear axis X, Y and Z equipped with servo motors: this solution allows reaching all needed tightening points with the nosepiece All parameters of the tightening process are managed by TCS-B controller that, in addition to integrated motor electric feeding, programming and control of the tightening cycle, displays torque and angle values discriminating the ok/ng rundowns. You can set among 5 different control strategies of the tightening process for each of 4 programs available which can be set using the software supplied with Special screw heads, featuring friction jaws that hold the screw from the head rather than the shank: they allow the head to insert inside deep and tight tightening spots Screw feeding and escapement system. Thanks to the continuous screw feeding and to the high bowl feeder capacity, allow faster and more efficient assembly operations

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FURNITURE INDUSTRY: chair frames manufacturing Each jig is designed to house perfectly the component, to automatically lock it and move it inside the machine after the manual loading by the operator. Solution advantages • 100% control of the assembly process All operations are in fact under control and, notably tightenings, carried out according to the set parameters, are available with reports that can be statistically processed and printed. • The machine has been designed in order to ease possible change of component If the component to be assembled is changed, we will just need to...

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