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Auto feed tightening module MCA

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MCA Tightening module to be integrated into automatic production systems

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MCA: tightening module with autom Effective, fast and safe Concentrated innovation for a faster, more reliable production process: these are the MCA tightening modules. Suitable for large batches of the same screws. They can be integrated into existing production systems such as assembly lines, manipulators, electric Cartesian axes and collaborative robots, in order to obtain complete and independent tightening cycles using a simple external start (from PLC, dual command, start emergency button, pedal, etc.). They offer concrete productivity benefits because: • screws are sent continuously...

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matic screw feeding production cycles Multiple MCA for window frames field: simultaneous top-down and bottom-up assembly For all types of screws metric, self-threading, self-tapping, self-drilling, three-lobe, with knurled washer under the head etc. Perfect integration on any production line: single workstations, turntables, automatic pallet lines Installation on X, Y and Z axis in order to tighten at different working heights Can be installed on anthropomorphic scara robots and Cobots for versatile solutions that can always be reconverted Multiple levels of accuracy Multiple MCA...

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EasyDriver screw feeding They manage the entire working cycle with great flexibility because they manage the tightening sequences quickly and easily, customising them to the specific applications. The INTEGRATED PLC manages all machine parameters according to the tightening needs. EasyDriver EasyDriver 1|1    Ea Find out all about them on page 10 Fastening slides They ensure a precise approach stroke of the nutrunner motor/ screw-retaining head to the component, guaranteeing high reliability of the assembled product since all screws are tightened with great precision. Made from...

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• The device is designed to be fixed to the Cobot’s wrist with a bracket and can communicate with the PLC Fastening slides with OFF-SET device Triple-stroke fastening slide SL20 model • Min. centre-tocentre distance 51 mm TIGHTENING MODULE FOR COBOTS SL15 model • Min. centre-tocentre distance 41 mm Dual-stroke astening slide • for the control, monitoring and systematic checking of the whole assembly process and data logging and statistics DC DRIVEN NUTRUNNER MOTOR • models with: INDIRECT CONTROL (based on current absorption) or DIRECT CONTROL of the tightening torque/angle

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High capacity    High frequency screwvibrating bowl    selector for improved working autonomy;    customized on specific screw sample, guaranteeing coated with anti-wear material    high selection reliability at tight cycle time Soundproof transparent cover for a better view of the inside without having to open the machine "Overload" photocell it makes sure no screw gets stuck in the selection duct guaranteeing high and uninterrupted production INTEGRATED PLC lit manages input signals - tightening start, fault reset, emergencies. it provides output signals - fault, tightening result. it...

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EasyDriver Screw feeding system Standard version, feeds the screws optimally and without jamming. Screws:    For screws between 10 and 35 mm in length Key:    standard version, 1 x 240mm 0 bowl feeds EasyDriver 1|1 Screw feeding system Used when the job calls for powerful air outrunner motors that entail the use of larger FRL units. Screws:    For screws between 10 and 35 mm in length Key:    1|1 = 1 240mm 0 bowl feeds 1 slide/spindle EasyDriver MAX11|1 Screw feeding system Used when the job involves large screws and also in the event of high production rates to allow the system to run...

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EasyDriver 2|1 Screw feeding system With its dual circular bowls, It can process 2 geometrically similar screws, for example differing in length or made from different materials (e.g, stainless steel / browned steel) to feed a slide (one way). Screw choice is managed by the feeder's PLC through a selector or by an external signal.

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Shielded screw transit sensor even monitors very small screws and it is not influenced by other sensors FASTENING SLIDES Fastening slides are entirely designed and manufactured by Fiam with high quality materials, guaranteeing very high reliability and long life time, also in presence of high production rates. Their movement ensures a perfect approach stroke of the nutrunner motor/screw-retaining head to the part being assembled. Also suitable for applications with several tightening points with very close cen-tre-to-centre distances (min. 41 mm for SL15 models. min. 51 mm for SL 20...

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The single-stroke fastening slide stands out for the single stroke performed by its motor to reach the tightening point and then tighten. Considering compact dimensions and weight, singlestroke fastening slides are particularly suitable in situations where the approach movement is made by a robot arm or a manipulator with Z axis. Rail track size: 15 mm. Recommended for: • tightening torque up to 10 Nm • air nutrunner motors with 0 max 36 mm How to read model names Anti-overturning device Clamping bracket 0 in mm Approach stroke in mm Tightening stroke in mm Cylinder 0 (bore) in mm Rail size...

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Fastening slides Recommended for: • tightening torque > 10 Nm • air nutrunner motors with ø max 42,5 mm • DC driven nutrunner motors SL 20 single stroke fastening slides with different rail track size: 20 mm Single-stroke fastening slide How to read model names Anti-overturning device Clamping bracket Ø in mm Approach stroke in mm Tightening stroke in mm Cylinder Ø (bore) in mm Rail size in mm Fastening slide BACK VIEW: CLAMPING BRACKET HOLES MAX SCREW SHOOTING HOSE RADIUS The dimensional drawings are available in different formats on our Fiam reserved area (www.fiamgroup.c

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