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Air tappers

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Quickness and efficacy: the perfect solution, in every work situation Air tappers • Tapping capacity: from Ø 6 to 18 mm (on mild steel) • Type of grip: straight and pistol mode

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Fiam tappers: quickness and efficacy in every work situation Air tappers are the best solution for manual machine tapping, being fast to use and easy to handle, even when high quality standards are required. Fiam tappers combine an excellent power to weight ratio with tremendous ease of handling and versatility, making them the perfect answer to every work situation; they are also ideal when threaded inserts or stud bolts are used in assembly (for example in the furniture industry or the automotive sector generally). Fiam’s range offers a choice of tappers all of which are reversible and...

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Choosing the right tapper The main technical parameters to consider are the diameter of the tap being used and the material on which one is working. The table shows the maximum capacities of the different Fiam models available in relation to the material concerned.

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Don't be satisfied with the maximum Long lifetime of the components thanks to careful design and quality of the production on process which results in less maintenance and repair costs The internal gears guarantee constant performances and long lifetime of the tool The air motors employed ensure long lifetime, high power and maximum output Tools are manufactured with high quality materials that guarantee greater resistance to wear Great use effectiveness thanks to innovative design systems All tappers (except MAO... models) are provided with an easy to use automatic inversion device with...

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Naturally innovative Perfection is in your hands Optimization of the tool performances in regard to ergonomics and operator safety Innovative systems designed paying even more attention with respect to environment and of its safeguard The grip design and use of special light alloys make these tools lighter and more handy They guarantee maximum handiness, thanks to the good power/weight ratio, reducing operator's fatigue They are started using the related lever (straight models) or push button (pistol models) in a comfortable position for operator Tappers can be started at slow speed to...

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MAS... and MAY ... straight air tappers IDLE SPEED: forward: from 220 to 1000 r.p.m. Straight air tappers APPLICATION FIELD: used in manual tapping for diameters of 6-12 mm; ideal for vertical tapping operations

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MAS..., MAY... = models with chuck for tap holder • MAS...B, MAY..B = models with chuck for high-precision tap holder (To choose the right tapper see p. 3) Reversibility: All models can invert rotation simply by pulling on the tool. The capacity indicated in the chart is referred to the maximum diameter of threading on steel (for other materials see chart on page 3). The figures shown are measured at a pressure of 6,3 bar (ISO 2787), the recommended operating pressure. Noise level has been measured in accordance with ISO 3744 and ISO 15744. Vibrations level has been measured in accordance...

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MASE...P MAY , ...P and MAO...P pistol air tappers IDLE SPEED: forward: from 140 to 1000 r.p.m. Pistol air tappers APPLICATION FIELD: ideal for horizontal tapping operations, particularly when one is tapping holes of above 6-8 mm

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MASE...P, MAY..P, MAO...P = models with chuck for tap holder • MASE...PB, MAY...PB (To choose the right tapper see p. 3) Reversibility: MASE... and MAY... models can invert rotation by simply pulling on the tool. * MAO... models invert rotation by using the appropriate lever. Push button + push to start Push button • The capacity indicated in the chart is referred to the maximum diameter of threading on steel (for other materials see chart on page 3). • The figures shown are measured at a pressure of 6,3 bar (ISO 2787), the recommended operating pressure. • Noise level has been measured in...

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Precision tap holders These tap holders permit to work rapidly and with high precision with different tap sizes. Each tap size requires the corresponding high precision tap holder (see page 3). They have to be used with: MAS...B, MASE...B (chuck code 659411002), MAY..B, MAY..PB (chuck code 659511002). For MAS...B, MASE...PB tappers

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Rubber supply hoses for models MAO...P Rubber supply hoses with coupling made with inner duct in synthetic rubber and high resistance reinforced textile chase. They can be used with compressed air, water, cutting oil and antifreeze liquids. They are extremely flexible and versatile and above all safe and resistant in time. Upon request, hoses of other dimensions are available: please apply to the Fiam Technical Consultancy Service. To choose the most suitable supply hose see pages 7 and 9. To choose the most suitable quick coupling, refer to the air inlet and the recommended hose bore in...

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Used to drive away the tool exhaust air from the operator and therefore making the workplace more ergonomical. MAS..., MAS...B MASE...P MASE...PB MAY..., MAY..B, MAY..P MAY..PB Auxiliary grip The use of the auxiliary grip is recommended to permit a considerable reduction of the fatigue to the operator. For more information please contact Fiam Technical Consultancy Service. Used to lubricate the internal components of the motor group. Balancer The use of the balancer allows the operator to work in safety and without effort, at the same time guaranteeing the maximum care of the tool....

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The new Fiam Cartesian arms represent fundamental solutions for ergonomics workplace. They are completely designed and manufactured by Fiam and can be used with any type of tool with a diameter up to 50 mm and weight up to 11 kg. A universal clamp is supplied but, upon request, numerous accessories are available for correctly fitting different Fiam tools to ensure maximum safety and functionality. Available in 2 versions: • Cartesian arms • Articulated Cartesian arms All models are also available with a position monitoring device for processing the angular and linear displacement of the...

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