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Festool Catalogue 2017 - 1

SERVICE all-inclusive Tools for the toughest demands

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Festool Catalogue 2017 - 2

Built with passion. Built for you. The new KAPEX KS 60 compound mitre saw. Find out more on page 29.

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Festool Catalogue 2017 - 3

Sawing and oscillating Pendulum jigsaws, plunge-cut saws, circular saws, semi-stationary saws, oscillators Machining surfaces Sanding, sanding with compressed air, polishing and oiling, brushing and texturing Joining - DOMINO joining system Dust extraction Routing, sanding, carpet and wallpaper removal Illuminating Workplace organisation Guiding, holding, organising, workplace arrangement

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Festool Catalogue 2017 - 4

Sliding compound mitre saw KAPEX KS 60 >> Page 29 PoliStick foam polishing pad >> Page 142 SYSROCK BR 10 DAB+ construction site radio >> Page 392 ETS 125 R eccentric sander >> Page 80 SYS-PowerHub power distributor >> Page 393 BP 18 5.2 Ah AIRSTREAM battery pack >> Page 42-45, 245-247, 249 DOMINO corner and flat connector >> Page 282

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Festool Catalogue 2017 - 5

Dear tradespeople, dear Festool customers, You have now received our new catalogue for 2017 – full of tools developed with our innermost drive to ensure that you are not just impressed but are also inspired when you use them. I would like above all to draw your attention to our 18-volt system for greater mobility in your day-to-day work. We now offer a range of cordless tools that has grown over the past year into a high-performance system covering a broad field of application, including application solutions for drilling and screwdriving through to precision sawing. A system with...

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Festool Catalogue 2017 - 6

Concentrate on what’s important – your work. Every day, we consider how we can make your life easier. With perfectly designed tools – and with services which are always geared towards the requirements of your day-to-day work. You want and need to avoid downtime, unnecessary extra working hours and additional costs wherever possible. We know this and want to do our part by providing SERVICE all-inclusive. The success of our customers is very important to us. You can find more information on SERVICE all-inclusive, the service conditions and their applicability on the Internet at...

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Festool Catalogue 2017 - 7

Register online up to 30 days after purchase to ensure that you benefit from all our services: www.festool.co.uk/myfestool 36 months of free repairs.* Even for wear parts. 36 months of theft protection. Even on the construction site. 10-year replacement parts guarantee. Or a brand-new replacement device, if the spare part is not available. Money-back guarantee – valid for fifteen days. Directly in your work environment. * he cost protection guarantee does not apply for damage to consumables and accessories, improper use, damage caused by the use of non-original T accessories or spare parts,...

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Festool Catalogue 2017 - 9

01 Overview of products and applications Jig saws TRION pendulum jigsaws PS 300, PSB 300 15 CARVEX pendulum jigsaws PS 420, PSB 420 16 CARVEX cordless pendulum jigsaws PSC 420, PSBC 420 17 Circular saws Circular saws TS 55 R, TS 75 Cordless plunge-cut saw TSC 55 Bench saw CMS-TS Circular saws Circular saws HK 55, HK 85 24 Cross cutting guide rail FSK 27 Carpentry portable circular saw HK 132 28 Semi-stationary sawing KAPEX sliding compound mitre saws KS 60, KS 88, KS 120 29 Compound mitre saw SYMMETRIC SYM 70 32 Sword saws Sword saws SSU 200, IS 330 35 Oscillator...

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Festool Catalogue 2017 - 10

Powerful. Precise. Robust. The impressive o o ° Festool pendulum jigsaws guarantee easy handling and rapid cutting progress. Available in body grip or D handle -optimised in every respect to achieve excellent results Sawing with jigsaws Work independent of the mains power supply Cut-outs for sinks and kitchen hobs Trimming work on furniture, kitchens, for interior fitting Cutting circles and curves Coping end strips Cutting workpieces to length Edge notching on beams Cutting from below Semi-stationary sawing Cutting accurately along the scribe line Precise coping during trimming...

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Festool Catalogue 2017 - 11

Sawing and oscillating Overview of products and applications CARVEX pendulum jigsaws Compact ModuleSystem CMS • Extremely appropriate Appropriate Vibration and emissions values can be found in the operating manual at www.festool.co.uk/vibration

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Festool Catalogue 2017 - 12

22 - 23 23 Introducing the saws from Festool. Accurate to the millimetre, they cut with the necessary i— force for each material, yet are lightweight and easy to handle. Circular saws Compact Module System CMS TS Sawing using plunge-cut saws Cutting recesses in kitchen worktops Cutting doors to length Cutting chipboard to size Cutting house doors to size, up to 75 mm thick Semi-stationary sawing Sawing panels and laminate Rip cuts in boards and panels Cutting plastic and steel cable ducts to size Cutting grooves to a defined depth Sawing with portable circular saws Cutting roof battens...

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Festool Catalogue 2017 - 13

Circular saws Carpentry portable circular saw Vibration and emissions values can be found in the operating manual at www.festool.co.uk/vibration

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Festool Catalogue 2017 - 14

KAPEX sliding compound mitre saws Compound mitresaw SYMMETRICSemi-stationary sawing Sawing panels and Laminate Rip cuts in boards and panels Cutting plastic and steel cable ducts to size Cutting grooves to a defined depth Trimming aluminium and other non-ferrous metal profiles /-•> -•> Trimming skirting board along the bisector Cutting strip material to fit Trimming beams and boards up to 60 mm thick Trimming beams and square timber up to 88 mm thick Rip cuts with a cutting depth up to 52 mm Rip cuts with a maximum cutting depth of 70 mm Sawing obscured cuts, grooves and rebates Cutting...

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Festool Catalogue 2017 - 15

Bench-mounted trimming saws Sword sawsPRECISIO Vibration and emissions values can be found in the operating manual at www.festool.co.uk/vibration

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Festool Catalogue 2017 - 16

Powerful, ergonomic, diverse and perfect in the system. With the VECTURO OS 400, you make better cuts everywhere. It offers § precise cuts along the scribe mark, perfect LU cuts for previously defined cutting depths or flush cuts to the wall. But it also offers the decisive precision. ApplicationsSawing Notches and recesses from sheet material Cutting sheet material to length Cutting strip material and slats to length Flush cutting non-ferrous iron or plastic pipes Trimming and adapting laminate/parquet flooring Notching or cutting skirting boards or joining strips and floor edging to...

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