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Valve series VOFD


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Valve series VOFD - 2

New SoLenoid valves VOFD Kev'wluies General inf or tru ion The valves in theTOFD suies are spcial 3/2-way valves for thearea of pfocess a utomation for use in Chemical and petrochemkal plants, where theyare ftequendy used as pitot varves ftx bott*rflv vahes *ives. Tber stunfc design and high rsistance to corrosion mak* thse valves sui table for outdoor use under harsh ambienl conditions. The HAMUR fange patlfrn makes fte soient valves especialty suite Ne lor quarfertum attuators. rhe int騩gra led spring chamber vent- mg piotects quaneMum actuaiors iviih spring return (singfe-acting...

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Valve series VOFD - 3

-o- New Brief description Page/Internet 11 Solenoid coil VACC-S18 Standard solenoid 19 12 Solenoid coil VACC-S18-me Ex-emb solenoid 17 131 Solenoid coil VACC-S18-d Ex-d solenoid 22 4 Adapter NPFV-AF-G14-N14-MF Adapter from GVi to NPTVV, with filter 26 5 Adapter NPFV-AF-G14-G14-MF Adapter from G V to G V, with filter 26 16 Exhaust protection VABD-D3-SN-G14 Exhaust protection to IP65. The springchamber of drive 8 solenoid valve is protected against the ingress of aggressive ambient air and water by the one-way flow control system 26 171 Flow control plate VABF-S7-F1B5P1-F Exhaust air flow...

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Valve series VOFD - 4

-o- New Solenoid valves VOFD Type codes festd VOFD LT M32 MN G14 1 A1 Type VOFD Solenoid valves Directional control valve type, design principle LT In-line valve, poppetvalve Valve function M32 Universal valves Reset method for single solenoid valves MN Mechanical spring without pilot air Pneumatic connection G14 GVi N14 NPTVi FG14 NAMUR GVV FGP14 NAMUR GVV with P connection Nominal operating voltage Without solenoid coil/not relevant 1 24VDC 1U 24 V DC and AC 2A 110VAC/50-60 Hz 2U 110 V DC and AC 3A 230VAC/50-60 Hz 3U 230 V DC and AC 1A 24 V AC Electrical connection A1 Port pattern type A,...

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Valve series VOFD - 5

-o- New Solenoid valves VOFD festd Type codes F EX3 D Protective circuit None/standard F Fuse Approval EU, US Approval defined upon introduction (standard) Ex3 II 2G Ex4 II 2GD Explosion protection type None D Pressure-resistant encapsulation ME Moulded encapsulation, enhanced safety emb 2011/06 - Subject to change Internet: 5

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Valve series VOFD - 6

New SolenoidcoilsVACC-S18 rype codes | VAa - I S18 - | Al | 1 -1 f i ma ISc^enoid COil $18 Srafl 18 mm EteetrieiUofinettton Port pattem type Mo Dl 17S 301 Cable mecttxMJO Catjleܜrnectty hPT Nominal ope rJtttif vgltafc 1 24VDC 1A 24 V« 1U 24VDC*ndAC 110VAC/50-6OH2 2U HOVD-t andtf 3A ?30V«;W60H: 3U 230VDC*ndAC Protecttre clrcul jKooe F |Fuse IvwovaL EU, US II2GD Pressure rsistant encapsulation MouktaJ en cap mutation, enhanced sai-ty itflrrsk^lry Site 6 MrerneL wwwlesto com/catatoiL1 Subkctlochange-2011/06

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Valve series VOFD - 7

o New Basic valves VOFD WhnicaI data - 3/2-wavvalves,GW and HAMUR fonction 3/2*way valve No*'Ole 4S0 IMn 1.7 1 XL Lx > General tcchnkal data GVi bask valve and HAMUR |GW bask valve and MMUR P<onnedion '■nii-»■i 3,'2-wiv, < sirote volenoid Pneumatk connection 1 GV* |NAMURportpauern : GWareJ KAMlj* Forɯpatefn 3 4 GV4 andNAMLK port pattem Design Efrectlvactuatedpctppet valve WitSh (n m] MouMing position Any Outy cycle 100% Sedllngprinciple Sot Manualoverride ton* Resetmdhod Methankal spriTTg Actuation tvpe 0«tni. Sulia bleforva<uum Yes Type 0* control Direct flow rate for piston valve [mVM...

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Valve series VOFD - 8

New Basic valves VOFD ftdiniul dila - 3/?«iyvjIv<--s GV* and NftHUR perating and erwironmentaE conditions Wbaslcva*veandNWUR 1 - Operating m뛩dium tompressedair Protection dass IP6S Operating pressure range [ban; 0-10 Temprature olmfdum -10.. 60 Ambltnt temperatme [*C] -10 60 Extended amtenttempe-rature, [*C| LowOeffiand mode 60 Sakty鯯ntegritYlevel [SIL! Up K» 9L 4 kmDemand modi' Up to il 4 High Demand mode Corrosion rsistance dassCRC** Seaionai 4m [Solenotd valves GV* basic varve and NAMUR | GV* teste vaJve and HAMUR. P connection [ijHouM'ib' Hard Ematalanodised aluminium H Seals...

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Valve series VOFD - 9

o New Basic valves VOFD tahnicaI data - 3/2-wavvalves.GW and HAMUR Drnensttm-GHbask valveanc KWU9. download Ct Data www.feso.c䮻rn.iUs.'cad h» Bl 8? B3 01 Hl H3 ' ■ - Ll l.' vt)FI>LTHM3?'MN'Rjl4'f 10 50.5 ?5.S GVt,NAULJR ?6 1 7 DmensDns ~dV* bask walvean K^UUfi. Pconn«tior )ownload CAO Data + [H CdlngphMSMO Tvpe ■ i ■■ 13 d: D뻮 Kl m H3 ma Ll l? VOFOtfWJ-MN-FGPU F10 SO-5 «■5 «5 123-? ?6 1? 51 :ntt6-Sj>kdtodiaitt Internet: vwwffslacom/cjulog,1 9

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Valve series VOFD - 10

New Basic valves VOFD rwtwiuldata - 3/2-wav valves, GV*andNPTttl8 onction Ftow rate M2*my valve 4 SOI/min GeneraltKhnkal data 6W basic varve HPTVi lj Valve fi/idkx 3/2-«V closed. angle solenoid Pneumattt connection 1 GW NPTV* 18 2 G Va NPTV* 13 13 ta%n WmXlf aduaW poppet valve Width (mm) si W#uitmg position Dutycvtle 1m:.-- Seal﩯ng principle So*t Mninual overrkJe Hone Re>t melhod Mechankal spring AdultiɻCi Type Lie trie Suilable for vacuum Tfftof »nliol Direct -km rate forpision valve Im*/hJ 3.3* pressurKation Fkvw rate br piston valve [m3/h] 3.3* exhaming Dirfcrion offtow R鯩versible...

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Valve series VOFD - 11

Basic valves VOFD fectwal Alla 3/2 wayvilvfS.G'A and NPTtt-18 1 Sdcnoidvatves i G V* baslcvdlve T] HousJng Hard Emaial-anodlsed aluminium L?J Seab Ni'Tilerjbbef Notec*i mate rais ConiainsPWISfpaht wcttingimpaj rmnUub^3nces).RoHS<ompl«nt * Internet: vwwftstQCDm/cjUlog,1 11

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Valve series VOFD - 12

New Basic valves VOFD rwtwiuldata - 3/2-wivvalm, GWandNPTWlS Orderingda □rcui symhol Difocify actuatfd pocoet valw ﯯ' 2-way, closed. single sownoid 3 Vi and NAMUP i i 2-way. closw. sir gte solcrad SAMUfEvrtlhPcnnecDon 570 786 WFEHT*MH-MN*RjP14-F1Q .ma_ : 3 I■ i-way.ckfced, single soienoid S62 881 VOFMTM32MN-GU*F10 3 i ?'Way.dosfld. single solenoid NPiU-lB S62 8S2 VOFD»u-lfH2-MN-NU-F10 17 1 3 믕nter SufaMtodiinge- 2011/06

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Valve series VOFD - 13

-o- New Solenoid valves VOFD festd Technical data - 3/2-way valves, GVV Function Flowrate General technical data GVV solenoid valve NPTV solenoid valve GV solenoid valve and NAMUR Valve function 3/2-way, closed, single solenoid Pneumatic connection 1 GVV NPTVV-18 GVV 2 GVV NPTVV-18 GVV and NAMUR port pattern 3 GVi NPTVV-18 GVV 4 - - GVV and NAMUR port pattern Design Directly actuated poppet valve Width [mm] 51 Mounting position Any Duty cycle 100% Sealingprinciple Soft Manual override None Reset method Mechanical spring Actuation type Electric Electrical connection Terminal box, cable entry...

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