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Vacuum efficiency valves ISV


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Vacuum efficiency valves ISV - 1

Vacuum efficiency valves ISV

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Vacuum efficiency valves ISV - 2

Vacuum efficiency valves ISV Mm Aie as of application for paralelarrangementof sevetal sudion cups - to p/eveni dissipation of ihe vacuum if one or sewal suction cups do not rnake full contact Օ fripptng of randomly placed products ■ Savesccflipressed air and*:^r<\ - Relenttonisonrysucssful if I00%coitadis achieved ܕ M.itnlairt>vacwm fundbndiagram fhese valves are suilablefor pplkatons requirtngseveral vacuum diction cups and for the maintenance y vacuum In theeventthatone iuclon cup shouW tall to make contact. [fl Vacuumgffwator V Distributw 2 Vacuumefflciencyvalve Tj Suttion cup Vacuum...

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Vacuum efficiency valves ISV - 3

Vacuum efficiency valves ISV FESTD runction Tempera tuf e range H^Q^ ",0"*6fl'c ' Opwating pressure -0.95 ׄo bar ISV MS/GWGVWGW ISVM4/M6/M10 for suction cups for suction grippcrs General technical data Sbe for suction oips Iforsuc5ongfippers M5 Gtt GY* Gtt \m |M6 |M10 Operating mdium Atmosphericair Vountir^ position fypeof mounting Screwin Pneu matic connection MS [ ;1= Gtt GW \m M6 |M10 -0.95 - 0 Ejecter puise possibility M te^ured suction rate ll/min] 1 1? l. L5 fi 1 ; at OS bar Ambient conditions Sce For suction cups | for suc bon gripper s M5 |Gvi M6 |M10 rci -10- .60 Corrosion...

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Vacuum efficiency valves ISV - 4

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