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Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G


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Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G - 1

Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G FEBTD

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Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G - 2

O New Foothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G KfcrtatUU AtagUnce Powerful lbothedbetiaiismthhrէh*^ forets, pla'ri bejringguidfand fiexJUe moior aitathmeit Toothed beii tovired by steel band the loothed beh tib Isa »inw with ils et՜ltent prite/performance ratio Drive a "S for applications Mth aternal guides or simple Kjndling ta&ks Versatite Spacesaving position sensingwith ptջxlmitv «nsor in the profile siot 1s passible Wideran^of options hx mountini on Mas flexible rootor attachment ITie motor position can be freelY ieleaed on 4 sidesand an be Ltansedatanvtirne Cfurjcierfetic values of the axes...

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Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G - 3

Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G met 2 Servo m«orEMKt>A$ Mi Arangeofspecial^acapfed complue sdutlcra Is availabie foc ihe tooehed beu a*H aGA and the 3 Moiot controlltr Ttthnfcal data Intemeb motor tontiolte i [j] Servo motc* conttolkr CMMPAS, CMMS-AS IE vxot meunting kl -> 20 Axial kit Kl compT&ing: 0 ﯕ Motor tlange Coupling housing Օ Coupling ,.1,1,13 ^ * Internet: w^festacom/caulog,1

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Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G - 4

O New 4 Internet www ( Su btetlo change-2OU/06

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Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G - 5

-o- New Toothedbelt axesELGA-TB-G festd Peripherals overview Type Brief description Page/Internet 11 Centringpin/sleeve ZBS, ZBH For centring loads and attachments on the slide Օ 2 centring pins/sleeves included in the scope of delivery of the axis 26 2 Switch lug SA,SB, SC,SD, SE,SF For sensing the slide position 24 131 Sensor bracket SC,SD, SE,SF Adapter for mounting the inductive proximity sensors (round design) on the axis 25 141 Proximity sensor, M8 SC,SD, SE,SF Inductive proximity sensor, round design Օ The order code SC, SD, SE, SF includes 1 switch lug and max. 2 sensor brackets...

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Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G - 6

-o- New Toothedbelt axesELGA-TB-G festd Type codes ELGA - TB - G - 70 - 800 - 20H Type ELGA Toothed beltaxis Drive function TB Toothedbelt Guide G Plain-bearing guide Size Stroke [mm] Stroke reserve 6 Internet: Subject to change-2011/06

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Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G - 7

-o- New Toothedbelt axesELGA-TB-G Type codes -estd MF2SA DN Accessories enclosed separately MF Foot mounting ...MA Profile mounting ...SA Proximity sensor (SIES), inductive, T-slot, PNP, N/O contact, 7.5 m cable ...SB Proximity sensor (SIES), inductive, T-slot, PNP, N/C contact, 7.5 m cable ...SC Proximity sensor (SIEN), inductive, M8, PNP, N/O contact, 2.5 m cable ...SD Proximity sensor (SIEN), inductive, M8, PNP, N/C contact, 2.5 m cable ...SE Proximity sensor (SIEN), inductive, M8, PNP, N/O contact, plugM8 ...SF Proximity sensor (SIEN), inductive, M8, PNP, N/C contact, plugM8 ...CA...

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Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G - 8

-o- New Toothedbelt axesELGA-TB-G Technical data festd Function -N- Size 70... 120 -T- Stroke length 50... 8,500 mm Spare_parts_service General technical data Size 70 80 120 Design Electromechanical axis with toothe Jbelt Guide Plain-bearing guide Mounting position Any Working stroke [mm] 50 ...8,500 50 ...8,500 50 ...8,500 Max. feed force Fx [N] 350 800 1,300 Max. no-load torque1' [Nm] 0.5 1 3 Max. no-load resistance to shilling1' [N] 35 50 114 Max. driving torque [Nm] 5 15.9 34.2 Max. speed [m/s] 5 Max. acceleration [m/s2] 50 Repetition accuracy [mm] ±0.08 1) At 0.2 m/s...

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Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G - 9

Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G **hr<<aldJtd Mass moment of mertia ■ l;. 170 80 Jo 1:'.- 13,201 IspcrmeCrtstrofce [kg mm?/m] 119 93 Il pe* kg effective lwd [fcgmrK'/kgj 1 m |690 The massmoment of inertia U offre U" wting5tiQk|m]*li.xmcfecfctk»dN entire axis ts calculated as ttoWS Axis Anodised wroughtalumînijmaUov Tj Cbvcr band Slee! ^21 Tcothfd bHt Polycnkiopweitfth glass axd *nd nylon coating 3 SiWe Anodised wroughtaluminijmallov PolyacrtaL PnDfewﮯih mtegrated frjide Anodised wroughtatuminumallov [7j lcothedbeitdsc High-allov stanless sted Conﮯalns PWIS (paint-vrtlng Impair meo substances)...

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Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G - 10

O New Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G Characterbtk load values Rie ktdtcaterj forces and torques refer eo the slide surface. The pw nt of spplkaibn of force is the point where itie centre of the guide and the longitudinal centre of the slide intefsett. thse values must not be excee-ded luir^dynamlc opration. Sp詩cial attention must be part to the cushioning phase f the axis lssub)ected 10 more than Mo of the indkated forces and torques simuttaneousn/. the bltowing quation must be satisfied in additionlotheindfcaled Tiumum loads: Cakulatinsthe load compaiison foctor: F V, M M S 1 V »n'll.-" '.1...

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Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G - 11

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Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G - 12

New Toothedbeltaxes ELGA-TB-G rheoretkalfeedforceF as a fonction of input torque W E1A1B-G-7ۛ EL6ATB&-8O/I20 ,1500 1200 600 300 12 16 20 24 M[Hin] 2 3* 40 0 4 EL6MB-G-7Q EU#-TB-fr&0 --- ElϛfrTB-frl20 Stroke rserve L19- laminai slrc** L20- Stroteresem The sttoke rserve is a safety distance lhat tan be ava驯lableon both sidesof the axis In addition to the nominal stioke » The sumofihe nominal sUohe and Jx stroke reserve mus! not «ed the maximum MOiiing si roke The stroke reserve length can be freetvselecled The sܯroke reserve fsdeined via the "stroke rserve* attribute in the -nodular pcoduct...

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Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G - 13

Toothed belt axes ELGA-TB-G FESTO Maximum permRsibie support span l frithout profil* mounting) as a lunction of force in wde* to Imit defleciion in the case of large strokes, the axis may ie*d tobesucoorted. he followriR Rraphs serve to dtermine the maximum permissible support spa n l as a fcjnction of for F act ing on the vfe> The dtection >sf- 0.5 mm ! Fi Fortfy forceff _l[mmj_fc _ L[mm] - 120 RKommended deflection limite Adh駩rence to the followlng deflection llmlts f> remmended so» not to impair the functional performance of the axes. (Veater dܩformation un result in inoeased friction,...

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