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Toothed belt axes DGE-ZR


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Toothed belt axes DGE-ZR - 1

Toothed belt axes DGE

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Toothed belt axes DGE-ZR - 2

Toothedbelt axesDGE Key features At a glance Prթcision, rigid guide Highly adaptable, thanks towide choice of mountingand attachment options Օ Wide range ofoptions for attaching drive units Comprehensive range of mounting accessories for multi-axis combinations Օ Optimally adapted motor controller combinations Basic version DGE-ZR Stroke lengths from 1 ... 4500 mm Օ Without guide Low characteristic load values With recirculating bail bearing guide DGE-ZR-KF Օ Stroke lengths from 1... 4500 mm Medium to high characteristic Օ Standard slide or extended slide load values With protected...

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Toothed belt axes DGE-ZR - 3

Toothedbelt axesDGE Key features System slection for electromechanical drives Toothed belt axis Note For the toothed-belt axes and the motors there are matching complete solutions. Motor kit Axial kit -»72 Axial kit consistingof: Motor flange 镕 Coupling housing Coupling Օ Screws Motor - 72 1 Servo motor EMMS-AS 2 Stepper motor EMMS-ST 1 Motor controller Technical data - Internet: motor controller 1 Servo motor ontroller CMMP-AS, CMMS-AS 2 Stepper motor controller CMMS-ST 2010/10 - Subject to change Internet: 3

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Toothed belt axes DGE-ZR - 4

Toothedbelt axesDGE System example System product for handling and assembly technology Type Brief description Page/Internet 1 Axes Wide range of combination options within handling and assembly technology axes 12 Passive guide axes Diverse possible combinations in handling and assembly technology guide axes 3 Drives Wide range of combination options within handling and assembly technology drive 4 Motors Servo and stepper motors, with or without gearing motor 5 Grippers Wide range of combination options within handling and assembly technology gripper 6 Adapters For combining drives with...

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Toothed belt axes DGE-ZR - 7

Toothed belt axes DGE-ZR Per iphef jl^ ovffYew Variants and auessorfes Type Brief description Pagc'lnternet L *>othedt>eltax$ DGE-ZR Bectromechanical aws without ftuide 8 iJ Mritt EAMM A Foi i"l mtfor attathment (consistlngofc upUnghousing,cUrnpIngcornpon«ntf moior langt) 72 J. Motor Moton specialrymatched co thea*rs. withor without gearܯng. withor withoutbrake 72 Slot cover B/S For protedrigagainst (heingressofdlrt B6 PrcuJmiry senso* For us* as a prolmity siflMl and safay monttoring 87 UJ Cable *th socket V S7 Slot nul for mcjntirgslol Y For moontingarta(hmenrs 86 - Central support M For...

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Toothed belt axes DGE-ZR - 8

Toothed belt axes DGE-ZR FESTD type <*lc pg I | j? 500 Type DG focrthedbettdrɮv* Si:e Stroke [mm| Drive fundion JfoԮh'rfWT Drive shaft on left uc Nodilve shaft on ieft Dr Drٯve shaft on ieft. front m Drh'e shaft On left, rear LB iDrrve shaft on left. front and rear Drive shaft on right U No drive shaft on right RV Drrve shaft on right. Iront RH Drive shaft on rtghi. rear R8 | Drrve shaft on right. front and rear 8 trrttfnet- « b*io com/caUlog/.,. Sublect tochange - 7010/10

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Toothed belt axes DGE-ZR - 9

Toothedbelt axesDGE-ZR Type code -ZUB F 2G Accessories ZUB Accessories supplied loose r Slot cover ...S Sensor slot ...B Mounting slot Slot nut ...Y For mounting slot Central support ...M Central support Foot mounting ...F Foot mounting Proximity sensor ...G With cable, 2.5 m ...H With plug ...I Contactless, with cable, 2.5 m ...J Contactless, plug ...N NC contact with cable, 2.5 m Cable with socket ...V 2.5 m 2010/10-Subjectto change Internet: 9

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Toothed belt axes DGE-ZR - 10

Tbothedbelt axes DGE-ZR Fu fiction AWrt ; en/Spare_pa/ts_servk a I Sire B-6J Strce length 1 ^4500 mm G entrai technka l data - 1 h, M |4<^ Constructiona. desii Bectiom« axs aith toothed belt c..ji> 1 ৗ MoLntingposita Max. rto^in^slroke*' |rr.m] 1 650 1 1000 1 «1000 1 « 3000*' 1 -4000*' 1...450O*' Max.Nfdfoc«į, ]M] 15 30 60 260 610 IVIO AUx. radial foc ce** M | 1103 77 290 307 984 7600 Radial for»4' M 56 96 117 735 370 840 fOLlul Vif:-' [NI 40 70 80 140 170 A00 M^i. drivriitofgje 003 ﯛ18 0 5 2.6 y f 42 Max. noload oViving torque*' |Nm; 0.05 0.08 0.2 OS 11 4,5 Max. *pe« 1...

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Toothed belt axes DGE-ZR - 12

Tbothedbelt axes DGE-ZR Characterbtk load values fheindcated forces and torque; rtfer lo the «fitre lineof the inlefnal Jameter of the profile. Hie* must ngi be e*ceeded in Ihe tynamk rartf e+ Spcial attention mu*l be pa﩮d lo thecuihonlng phase. Ifthedrlvelssofcteaediomorethan ^ + + _Mv_ + x ^ twj of the indkated focs and *m«. Mviw. M^m*i. bttewingequilkHismuslbe»lisfl*d fz ^ - . In additiontoiheIndkated Fz«**- v" i- Note Siitogwrftware PosrtlOTingDrrves 13 i> Inttrnet: www.fMto.ttm.i'taEJtos/

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Toothed belt axes DGE-ZR - 13

001_E-DGE table.main {} tr.row {} td.cell {} div.block {} div.paragraph {} .font0 { font:11.00pt "Arial Black", sans-serif; } .font1 { font:4.00pt "Franklin Gothic Medium", sans-serif; } .font2 { font:6.00pt "Franklin Gothic Medium", sans-serif; } .font3 { font:9.00pt "Franklin Gothic Medium", sans-serif; } .font4 { font:12.00pt "Franklin Gothic Medium", sans-serif; } .font5 { font:16.00pt "Franklin Gothic Medium", sans-serif; } .font6 { font:20.00pt "Franklin Gothic Medium", sans-serif; } .font7 { font:21.00pt "Franklin Gothic Medium", sans-serif; } .font8 { font:23.00pt "Franklin Gothic...

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Toothed belt axes DGE-ZR - 14

Toothedbelt axesDGE-ZR Technical data Size8... 18 D6 , B13 B1 B11 1 Coupling housing 4 Coupling 9 Stroke reserve 11 + = plus stroke length 3 Centring hole for foot mounting 8 Driver in end position of workingstroke (stroke reserve up to mechanical stop still present) Profile Size8 ,20.5 Size12 Size 18 2 Sensorslotforproximity sensor 6 Mounting slot for slotnutNST [J Not suitable for proximity sensor 14 Internet: Subject to change-2010/10

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Toothed belt axes DGE-ZR - 16

Toothed belt axes DGE-ZR fcthnfcal daJ Dime restons Sfec 25 63 Downtoad CAD Data ^ ,'us.cjd 1 ■ * n B* Sffe 63 SI je ?5MO [T) CoupOng housing 51 Ontring hoJetof tott mounting Hl> H Coupiing [5] Drw in end position of woniingstfOke(strokeies<tvf up to mechanital stop stitl prϩsent) 0 Strofce rserve 11 * - pissttokelength Profile &fce 2 S SfettO Sir*1 j>j [5JSonsorslocfof ptoxitmty sensoc [6頎Mounting slOt bl lot nutNST □ □ :6 ^ Internet: www.ftito.ccfn/uufog/ Su tir r? m rtiiingr Kl

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