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Stopper cylinders DFST


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Stopper cylinders DFST - 2

-o- New Stopper cylinders DFST Key features festd At a glance Gentle stoppingwithout impact vibration or noise Օ Single-actingor double-acting Powerful shock absorber for high energyabsorption Օ Wide range ofapplications thanks to adjustable shock absorber The technology in dtail Cushioningadjustment Adaptable shock absorber dependingon the load on the workpiece carrier 镕 Easy adjustmentvia knurled adjustingwheel 1 Shock absorber can be replaced in the fitted position Օ Supply ports atside or underneath Adjustable active direction thanks to rotatable toggle lever arrangement (90°,...

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Stopper cylinders DFST - 3

-o- New Stopper cylindersDFST festd Key features Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 1. Gentle stoppingof heavy masses 2. Thetogglelever (optional) is 3. The workpiece carrier is released via a hydraulic shock absorber in locked into the retracted end by means of compressed air, and the piston rod. position so that the workpiece the toggle lever is released carrier cannot be pushed back by simultaneously. the shock absorber. 4. The piston is advanced by means 5. The toggle lever is raised by of springforce or compressed air. means of springforce and stops Thetogglelever tips backwhich the next workpiece...

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Stopper cylinders DFST - 4

-o- New Stopper cylindersDFST festd Type codes DFST Type DFST Stopper cylinder -50 - 30 - D L - Y4 - A Piston 0 [mm] Stroke [mm] Function Double-actingextendingvia spring D Double-acting without spring Locking No L Via toggle lever lock Cushioning T^^^^^^Rdjstab^shoc^absor^ Position sensing A Via proximity sensor 4 Internet: Subject to change-2011/02

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Stopper cylinders DFST - 5

-o- New Stopper cylinders DFST festd Peripherals overview Variants and accessories Type Brief description Page/Internet 11 Toggle lever deactivator DADP-TF For deactivation of the stop function. The workpiece carrier is able to pass the stopper cylinder without activating the cylinder 14 12 Proximity sensor, inductive SIEN-M8 For sensingof the toggle lever position 14 131Toggle lever lock DADP-TL For piston 0 50 Օ For locking the toggle lever in the retracted position. With pressurisation, the workpiece carrier and the toggle lever are released simultaneously 14 141 Toggle lever lock...

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Stopper cylinders DFST - 6

-o- New Stopper cylinders DFST festd Technical data General technical data Piston 0 50 63 | 80 Pneumatic connection Gx Stroke [mm] 30 | 40 Constructional design Piston rodwithtoggle lever Mode of operation Single-acting/double-acting Pulling Protection against torsion/guide Guide rod Type of mounting Via through-holes Cushioning (of piston movement) Flexible cushioning rings/pads at both ends Position sensing Via proximity sensor Mounting position Vertical Product weight [g] 1,800 3,500 6,850 Operating and environmental conditions Operatingmedium Filtered compressed air, lubricated or...

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Stopper cylinders DFST - 7

-o- New Stopper cylindersDFST festd Technical data Braking distance The braking distance refers to the distance from when contact is made with the toggle lever to the end stop. Piston 0 50 63 80 Braking distance [mm] 14.75 14.75 20 Resetting force FR of the toggle lever against the delivery direction The resetting force refers to the minimum force that must be applied to press the toggle lever into the end position. ~ou' uחu Piston 0 50 63 80 Resetting force at the toggle lever [N] 11 23 36 Permissible impact force F|mpact on the rollers of the toggle lever when the piston rod is advanced...

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Stopper cylinders DFST - 8

-o- New Stopper cylinders DFST Technical data festd Permissible mass m as a function of the conveyor speed v The values in the graph opposite take i 900" into account a friction value of M = 0.1. 700 600 \ \ \ \ V \ \ s E 500 400 300 200 100 0 10 15 20 25 _v [m/min] 30 35 40 0 50 0 63 0 80 Permissible transverse force Fq during the switching operation as a function of the pressure p The applied load causes a transverse forcetoactonthepistonrod.To ensure the function ofthe cylinder, >■ ■ ■ ,k 5000 a certain minimum pressure must be 1 applied. 4000 3000 2000 1000 y y y __ -ח -ח ח~~~ 6 P [bar]...

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Stopper cylinders DFST - 9

-o- New Stopper cylinders DFST Technical data -estd Slection aid Stopping a workpiece carrier The stoppercylinderis used to brake an individual workpiece carrier, without or without end position locking. The toggle lever and oil damper are pushed into the end position again for each new workpiece carrier. Example Given: Friction value (i = 0.1 Delivery speed v = 20m/min Workpiece carrier with workpiece m = 200 kg Operating pressure p = 6 bar Choice: Stopper cylinder DFST-50 1. Checking the permissible mass Themaximum permissiblemassat a delivery speed of 20 m/min is 250 kg. This means that...

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Stopper cylinders DFST - 10

-o- New Stopper cylinders DFST Technical data festd Slection aid Stopping or separating several workpiece carriers The stopper cylinder is used to separate workpiece carriers. Further workpiece carriers accumulate behind carriers that have already pushed the toggle lever into its end position. Since the oil damper in the stopper cylinder is inoperative in this case, a certain amountof cushioningbetween the workpiece carriers must be guaranteed (e.g. elastomer elements). Example Given: Friction value (i = 0.1 Delivery speed v = 15m/min Workpiece carrier with workpiece m = 100 kg Operating...

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Stopper cylinders DFST - 11

New Stopper cylinders DFST Technical data -estd Slection aid 2b. Checking the permissible transverse force during the switching opration Transverse force Fq = 16OO& friction force Faction Fr-riction = 500 N 500& 400& The maximum permissible transverse force atan operating pressure of6 bar F[N 300& is 1,000 N. This means that the transverse force zuuu of500 N is permissible. 100& 0 y / y y y y _-'- <>" ,__- ■驗" 0 50 0 63 0 80 23456789 10 _P[bar]___ 3. Separating and advancing the workpiece carriers TSOחOOחOOחOOחOOחDOחOU The maximum permissible mass with the DFST-50 at a delivery speed of 15...

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Stopper cylinders DFST - 14

-o- New Stopper cylinders DFST festd Accessories For 0 Part No. Type Toggle lever lock DADP-TL 50 543 751 DADP-TL-F3-50 63 543 752 DADP-TL-F3-63 80 543 753 DADP-TL-F3-80 Toggle lever deactivator DADP-TF 50 543 755 DADP-TF-F3-50 63 543 756 DADP-TF-F3-63 80 543 757 DADP-TF-F3-80 Ordering data - Proximity sensors, inductive Technical data Internet: sien For 0 Contact Electrical connection Part No. Type 4? 50,63,80 N/O contact Cable 150 386 SIEN-M8B-PS-K-L Plug 150 387 SIEN-M8B-PS-S-L N/C contact Cable 150 390 SIEN-M8B-PO-K-L Plug 150 391 SIEN-M8B-PO-S-L Ordering data - Proximity sensors...

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