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Standard Filters MS4N-LF – Inch Series


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Standard Filters MS4N-LF – Inch Series - 9

Standard Filters MS4N-LF - Inch Sries Ordering Data - Configurable Products festd 00 Mandatory Data 00 Options Bowl drain Type of mounting Reverse flow direction WP WPM WB WBM Z M WP Z Ordering Table Grid dimension [mm] 40 Conditions Code Enter code T Bowl drain Manual -M Semiautomatic (P1 max. 176 psi) -H Fully automatic (P1 max. 176 psi) -V Type of mounting Mountingbracket (dimensions 237) 1 -WP Mountingbracket (dimensions 237) 1 -WPM Mounting bracket (dimensions 234) -WB Mounting bracket (dimensions 234) -WBM Reverse flow direction Flow direction from right to left -Z 1 WP,WPM...

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