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Semi-rotary drives DSR/DSRL


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Semi-rotary drives DSR/DSRL - 3

Semi-rotarydrivesDSR/DSRL Features Mounting options Without mounting attachments Direct mounting - m D With mountingattachments for DSR Foot mounting HSR-...-FW Flange mounting FSR Push-on flange FWSR for DSRL Foot mounting HSR-...-FW Freewheel unit for synchronous movements The freewheel unit is an attachment which is fitted to the drive shaft of the semi-rotary drive DSR. The freewheel unit converts the oscillating rotary movement of the semi-rotary drive into a synchronous, indexing movement. The movement of the semi-rotary drive shaft only occurs in the working directions left or right....

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Semi-rotary drives DSR/DSRL - 4

4 Internet: Subject to change - 2008/04

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Semi-rotary drives DSR/DSRL - 5

Semi-rotarydrivesDSR/DSRL Peripherals overviewand type codes Mounting attachments and accessories Brief description DSR DSRL Page/Internet 11 Foot mounting HSR-...-FW On drive shaftside 12 12 Freewheel unit FLSR-...-L/R For spigot shaft, clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation optional - 14 131 Flange mounting FSR On drive shaftside - 12 141 Push-on flange FWSR For spigot shaft - 13 5 Mounting kit WSR-... For proximity sensor SIEN 17 6 Mounting kit WSR-12... 40 For micro switch SR-3-E-SW, S-3-Eand micro stem actuated valve SO-3-PK-3-B, S-3-PK-3-B 16 7 Mounting kit WSR-10/12-K For micro switch...

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Semi-rotary drives DSR/DSRL - 14

Semi-rotarydrivesDSR/DSRL Accessories Freewheel unit FLSR Material: Housing: Aluminium die-cast Sleeve, shaft: Case-hardened steel Seal, cap: Nitrile rubber General technical data Piston 0 10 12 16 25 32 40 Design Freewheel unit as attachment Rotation angle Infinitely adjustable steps (independentof rotation angle) Applied radial load [N] 52 77 160 350 200 350 Applied axial load [N] 30 50 100 200 75 120 Max. torque [Nm] 0.7 1.3 2.7 6.6 13.3 26.7 Frequency 3Hz(-j-Theload must bestopped externally!) Temperature range [°C] -10...+60 Direction of rotation The freewheel unit blocks one of the...

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