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Rotary modules ERMB, electric


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Rotary modules ERMB, elect

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Rotary modules ERMB, electric - 2

-o- New Rotary modules ERMB, electric Key features festd At a glance The rotary module ERMB facilittes unlimited and flexible rotation angles. Theoutput interface is thesameason the semi-rotary drive DRQD. The motor's power is transmitted to output pinions run on separate the output pinion by means of a bearings. The toothed belt is circulating toothed beltwith a specific pretensioned at the factory by means transmission ratio. The drive and ofan eccentric tensioningroller. Advantages: Stable arrangement of the output shaftbearings ╕ Pretensioned toothed belt means zero backlash Compact...

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Rotary modules ERMB, electric - 3

-o- New Rotary modules ERMB, electric Key features festd Rotary module 6 With axial kit 1 Motor 2 Axial kit 3 Rotary module 1 2 3 Motors -»16 Motor controllers |E 3 1 Servo motor EMMS-AS 2 Stepper motor EMMS-ST 3 Motor unit MTR-DCI Note Arange ofspeciallyadapted complete solutions is available for the rotary module ERMB. Technical data Internet: motor controller 1 Servo motor controller CMMP-AS,SEC-AC 2 Stepper motor controller CMMS-ST Axial kit - 16 Kit comprising: Motor flange Օ Couplinghousing Coupling Օ Screws 2011/02 - Subject to change Internet: 3

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Rotary modules ERMB, electric - 4

-o- New Rotary modules ERMB, electric festd Key features System product for handling and assembly technology Brief description Page/Internet 1 Axes Wide range of combinations possible within handling and assembly technology axes 12 Guide axes For extendingforce and torque capacity in multi-axis applications guide axes 131 Rotary module Wide range of combinations possible within handling and assembly technology rotary module 4 Motors Servo or stepper motors, with orwithout gear unit motor 5 Gripper Wide range of variations possible within handling and assembly technology gripper 6 Adapters...

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Rotary modules ERMB, electric - 10

-o- New Rotary modules ERMB, electric Technical data festd Size 32 with servo motor EMMS-AS 0.8 0.7 0.6 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 Extended operatingrange Typical operating range, dependingon motor size and load inertia Unrealisable range 90 135 180 225 « ["] 270 315 360 Note Note The positioningtime t ends with the controller signal MC(motion complete), i.e. on the drive side. Increased positioning times are to be expected at the output shaft dependingon the motor type and eccentricity of the movingload. For servo motor: 50 ... 100 ms Forsteppermotor: 100 ... 200 ms The "PositioningDrives" design...

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Rotary modules ERMB, electric - 11

o New Rotary modules ERMB, electric IKhrifcal dJlj wq information on service Ufe characterislk values Denrwtlonof load chanf»/twH<hlns cycle: load changes/swikhing cycles were achieved with 3 samples. A SMilching c>cle corresponds to tm load changes: position A topos lion B jrd back. Si:' i 20 2$ 32 Guide value toadchjrs^ |Mia] 30 40 40 Guide valu^ swiching cycles [Mb| 15 20 20 Watt moment of inertia atout pur Ikffml 24 80 400 MfJtu m angle acclration al output 28,000 20,000 12,000 fcUumum angle speeda驮cxjSLt 1,800 1,800 l.ri'liO The above specified stalististic load c ha n e/sw H < hi n g...

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Rotary modules ERMB, electric - 12

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Rotary modules ERMB, electric - 21

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