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Quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE


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Quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE - 1

Copar quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE

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Quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE - 2

Copar quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE Kev lealures and product fange ovenriew description Size Ihe Copar quarter turn actuators are ideally suited for automatlng swrive l'aies in the pross Industry. Stu roVi but nevertheess accura te for hgh prcision positiooinjt espexially dth bail valves and pli« varves, as Aetlas shutofFand bunerny valves. Direction ol rotation can be Dptlonalty changed from clockwise lo amklocbMse En<J- position sensor and Ivnrt swlch module can be mounted cfaectlvtothe drive Fast or slow valve actuation Suitable for manual on-stle use, as «ell as automatk op響ration...

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Quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE - 3

Copar quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE Perlier a ta ovcroew Briel description Page,1 Internet Umit swikhanachine-nt QH-DR E Square design, poeumatic. etatrical a rnductiv* sensing ttsrta4-S0 qfvdre _2| Umitswitehattathment DAPZ Square design, eleclrical. eleclricalry explosion-proof 0' inductive sensing filssifes U 22 S, sire 1 ar-d 2 or 3 f 5 « 880 dapz jj UmitswiKhattadi: -DAPZ Round design, varianl AR. eU-drkal. induttwor Indixtlvelv^p^iorvoioofsenslng lurJm4-225 dap; _4| Umit switxh attachment DAPZ R¯xind design, variant R(X electricaL indue tivetx inductrve Namur sensing fitssi/es4 -...

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Quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE - 4

Coparquartertum actuators DRD/DRE Type codes DRt - [ 100 DRD Double acting quart** turn atluator DRE SJngfc-actingquartef luin actuator 1 2 5^*2 4 Sfce4 S Sue 8 14 5>14 76 Sfce?6 ■ - Sue 50 77 Sue 77 1O0 SbtlOO 150 Sue 150 725 S/e225 375 We375 f. .'S Sue 575 860 J S^* SSO Range holepaltern F03 Range noie pattem FO 3 wlth shaft connection V09 F04 Range note pattem F04 wtth shaft connection VI1 F05 Range noie pattem FO 5 with shaft connection V14 F07 Range noie patte FO 7 with shaft connection VI7 f 10 Range note pattem F10 with shaft connection V22 F12 Range note pattem Fl 2 with shaft...

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Quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE - 5

Copar quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE Type todtt -1Qio -1B -1o NiMTibor of \prings hv quarter turn a<tuator Off QM Numbef of springs ON Numberof sprinj 08 Q1 Nimber ofsprings 101* Q12 Numberof splings 1? QU Numberof spfirtgs 14 Q09 Numberof spfing&09JI Q1S Numberof springs 1SJJ Q18 iNumberofspfings 18JI Sprinj fonction for quarter turn actuator DRE FS Springfocce,ctosing n: Sprtngbfce^optfiing Without adju stable en d-positions D With ajustable end-postfionsand extended rotation angfe^ - Variant ۯtandard vtr sion m corrosion rsistent design D CaifnWtixsrs j. sr)#1w*«t*98',tfyi*itlJ»l-1«0 1)...

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Quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE - 6

Copar quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE information Seing and adapting quarter turn actuators for procs* valves AferiEt usetheeumpleof a sin^actingquartertumaduatorv raoVaiid-ptoion actuator toexplan The proc让dure ta the same for scotch howto sittaouble-adinRand yoke actuator s. witn the exception that the non-ltaear characteristk of the ac tuatof*s lorque curve does rwt lave to be taken into accourt. Sang example for a do uble-ading quarter tum actuator Breakaway torque of the proom mkm The torque required 1o fecilate reliableopening of the valve's shut off oVvice (dise in a butterfly valve,...

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Quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE - 7

Copar quarter turn actuators DRO/DRE urw information Sijing exemple for a s imiter CI i ne quarter turn aduator Ihe most i m portant criteria foi the Sijlng of sﮯngie>admg quarter turn actuators are, «tri the exception of the valve** ttosing torque, thesame as for doubleracting actuators; Breakawaytorqueofthe process valve Օ Gosing torque of theprocessvalve Whal torque is requlred lo move Ihe shutofo>vke(disc bail».) securely batk iito the seal? Compresser! air suppry  Process valve type te with dou ble-acting actuators* the main opaating conditions must be fcnown before the breakaway...

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Quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE - 8

Copar quarter tum actuators DRD/DRE Siiing information Figure 1 DPE4FO5Q10F5 Figure 2 Dtt-8F0SQi0-FS Figure 3 WE3F05-Q12-FS \]t 1 > ■ r- j.. i■ ■ .u 26.9 535 49.5 min. 2 16.6 32.5 24.2 Sprrig toique ma*. 3 20.6 ■.1 S 9 3 mlrv 4 10,3 20-5 ,24.6 Thequarterturn actuator in Figure 1 is net surtable for this application as the lowcb si ng torque of the sprngs is not enough to c lose the bail vabe te* Figure 2; Ihe use ci the actuator shown in Figure 2iscrlticalas thedosing orque of the springs (4) is on Ly dtghtty above the breakawy torque of :he bail valve. Even small pressure ncreases In the...

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Quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE - 9

Copar quarter turn actuators DRD onction Swfrd angle 090* 4> t. ė toque entrai 1er. h n te al data ack and ctnior. double-arum; mupos«kw taivet angle 11 End positon adiustM ran» -4... *4 'tasira; direction Clos** lo rwht Operatingand environmental conditions Sfet 1-4 8-100 1150-880 Oprt ing pressure3' [bai] 2.5 «10 2-10 Op«a1irgttedii*n [>i^i comprcwd lubtaied or untuhrkatHJ AmWeflttemperature/l,' I*C] -20_*80 Conosion rsistance class CK*1 3 Corrosion r響sistance c la ssCRCw 4 for corrosion-rsistant desfcn CE marking(s<*oXlarai»on - Erosion prolection directrve 94/9/K ■ ATDt of<onh«iiM^...

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Quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE - 12

Copar quarter turn actuators DRD fcthmtal ditJ Dimeitswns 380 Downtoad CAD Data ^ ,'us.cjd l2 c ■ y # i * V^E^ --.. ^8FD5~1D0 F12 LSO-fH 880-F10 FUnge h׻te pattem FOS - Fl 6 &holewttern F25...F30 13 tnttrnet:www.UilooiniiuUIot1

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Quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE - 14

Copar quarter turn actuators DRD fcthmtal diJ OrderingdϯU - Wihout ad)ustabte end position Pari No Vpe Partk». 189781 DRD 1F3 189768 DRD-77-F10 189769 DRD77412 189782 DRD-2-F03 Sire 100 189783 DRD-2-F04 189770 DRD-100-FI2 Sire 4 Sue 150 DR04-FO4 189772 QRD-150-F14 189785 DRD-4-F05 a» 225 189774 DRD-225-F14 DRD-S F05 Sire 375 Si» 14 189776 0RD^375 F16 8976-* DRD14-F05 SbtH 189777 DRD-575-F16 18976S DRD-26-F07 189778 DRD-575-F25 Sizc M Si:? j 189766 DftD 50 F07 189779 DRD-880-R5 189767 MD-SO-F10 189780 DRD-88OF30 Ofdefinjdata - W'rth ad j in table end position ParN. Part No. ^pe Si» 8 Size...

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Quarter turn actuators DRD/DRE - 15

Copar quarter turn actuators DRD ikhnfcal alla Orderng fati - Corrosion rsistant Pan No. f*pe Part No ".■>■ 189835 DRD1F03C 189822 DRD 77-F10^C 189823 HB-7MI2-C 189836 DRD-2 F03-C Sire 100 189837 DRD-2-F04-t 18982* DRD100-F12-C Sfet4 S» 150 189838 DRD-VF04C 189826 DRD 150 F14< 189839 OW-4-F05-C SI» 225 SfetB 189828 DRD 225 FU C 189817 DRO-S-fS-C Sire 375 Sfeel* 189830 DRD-375-F16-C 189818 DRD-14-F05C Sire 575 Si/e 26 189831 MD-575-F164 189819 DRD-26-F07-C 169832 DRD-575-F25-C SizettJij 189820 DRD-50-F07-C 1898)3 DRD-880-F25-C 189821 DRD-50-F10-C 189834 DR D-880* F 30 < M Should a quarter...

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