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Push-in T-connectors NEDU - 1

Push-in T-connectors NEDU, for fieldbus connection HdHtialdrti Push-in T-tomector NfDU M * radapter Une branch for Connecting and disconnecting fieldbus components Օ Conrecled fiddbus comportent* canbediHonnectedfcflhout Interruptfng signal transmission (to other components) General technkai data type KEl>M12D5M12U |HEDU-M8DۮMl?U KECXJ M3D3M8T4 typecrfmocmting Sot li Vouniirs positon AnV Connection frequency 500 500 100 Nominaiop*tatingwttage [Vtf] 250 60 32 [V OC] 60 60 3? Acceptable ornent load (A) 4 2 Protection classto EN 60529 F65/67 Electrfcal connection fcEN 60947*5*2 toi*, tightening torque |Nm) 05 0.3 wvth M8 0.5 with Ml2 0.3 Ma le riais Type «DI>M1205'M12U NEW M8D3-M8T4 M Hojl-« ':l'-r K3 Pin contacts Gotd-pLatedbrjss Union nut Chrome-plaled and rurkd-plated brass Note on ma total* rwcrfcopperardPH Corrosion rﯩsistance tbssCK3* 2 ]) Cornai* mtarta <Lmi 2 *xwi% to « MM 9*0 OTO Guiperait'. F..!:iK::c n<WJr(DraW -tfmt fuwrulf tiitie p ?.tfr p<mirl> oKOtXW uiftcr rei]i*-*mnti wtJir jftincﮯktcvu w<r.j rorul LrifHJ Httacmcit* J urfi «ttoJrf'.a- Opeiat⠮ngand cnvironm entai conditions Amoient temprature \V 25- *85 $ (orage temprature pCJ -25-.85 驕* Internet: vwwfestam/cjUlog,1 1

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Push-in T-connectors NEDU - 2

Push-in T-connectors NEDU, for fieldbus connection TedinkJl data FESTO Clrculry (sotte t/plug vie w] NEDU M12DS M12T4 Lircuitry 4 3 2 1 4 3 2 1 CircuitrY 4> 4 3 2 1 Internet www ( Subtetlochange-JOtl/Oծ

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Push-in T-connectors NEDU - 3

Push-in T-connectors NEDU, for feldbus connection Dinensins 4EDU-M12DS- NEDU-M8D1 M12TA *w*. fel u V ca d fiDU M3U 10.4 Ontemgdata Elecirkal connection Productwelght [Si Part Na Pluft>/s«tost^W^^«12x1/Ml2xt.AftDO>d 25-5 541596 NE01>M12D5-M12F4 PlugS/SOCkets. 4 pm/-pin. Ml Jxl/MSxl 541597 NE0U-H8D3M12T4 Pklgs/soctetS. 4-pm/3-pin M&l/Mxl 9.5 544391 NDU-M8D3M8T4 Internet: vfflwffstacom/cjUlog,1 ɯ

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Push-in T-connectors NEDU - 4

Product Range and Company Overview A Complte Suite of Uon Services Dur experienced englneers provtde complte support at every stageof yourdevelopment process, including: conceptuat訢ation, anatyss. engineering, design, assembty. documentation, validation, and production. CustomAutomation Components Complte custom englncered solutions Custom Contrat Cabinets Comprehensrve engineering support and on-SUe Services Complte Systems Shlpment. stocking and storate services The BroadestRangeofAutomationComponents rVIthacomprehensrve line of more than 30,000 automation components, Festo is capable of...

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Push-in T-connectors NEDU - 5

Festo North America Festo Rgional Contact Certtcr 5 300 Explorer Dwe Mtofesauga. Ontario UW 504 Canada USA CaBtontan For onJcrtng assistance» tati: 1 300.99. FESTO (1300.993T378« tau l»O,9f>rt$rO(\WQ.96X}?mImtl: cuslomerserv釯ct^us-fc^loxom For technkai support CalL 1.866,GOJESTO{r866\463.3786) tel 1.80O^JESTO(1.30a963.3736) Emit; pfodu<l.supportQuS*k**Q*om C i Wʊʊ C Mrl C*Uɮ l,877.GOJSTO(1.877.a63.376) Fttti 1.677.RCFfS1D (1.877.3913 786) HP ►non*» V43M3SO800 i»1h431 05*0026: Canada USA Headcaua tiers Festo Corporation 395ntoretind Road P.O. Box 18023 Hauppauge. HV 11788. USA USA Sain*...

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