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Pressure boosters DPA


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Pressure boosters DPA - 2

Pressure boosters DPA Key features Function The pressure booster is a twin-piston pressure intensifier intended solely for compressingair. When the DPA is pressurised with compressed air, integrated non-return valves automatically facilitate pressure build-up on the secondary side. The output pressure p2 can increase to up to twice the value of the Note Pressure boosters are intended for the occasional relievingof compressed air. They are not suitable as a replacement for compressors, as wear on seals and drive pistons increases significantly duringcontinuous operation without breaks....

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Pressure boosters DPA - 3

Pressure boosters DPA Key features Installation with air rservoir An air rservoir (e.g. CRVZS) should always be used on the output pressure side to compensate for pressure fluctuations. The air reservoir evens outthe pulsation ofthe pressure booster. An effective way of filling the air reservoir with the supply pressure p1 is via a connecting cable. The pressure booster only has to make up thedifferencebetween thesupply and output pressures. The air reservoir is filledfaster. Anon-return valve prevents the air from flowing back out ofthe reservoir. This configuration corresponds to the...

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Pressure boosters DPA - 4

Pressure boosters DPA Produd langtowview Fu net ton Version JType Piston 0 [mm] ^ Page/Internet *«ssurt boosier Standard DM 40,63.100 5 WithojT pressure rgulate#. double supply pressure 40,63,100 A'iti wnsnf cet nr 63,100 5 ^ressift booster/ combinat km 40,63.100 16 4

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Pressure boosters DPA - 5

O New DPA-...-A/-D Pressure boosters DPA toiser jli cvpvim DPMO-10/16/D Mounting atta<hments and actes» ries BriH dsertion JJ Pressure sauge set DftttASU ►or moriftoring the svpply and otrtput pnssuie 2} Silenccr uc For roisetedudknaUheexhaust port S 2} Fiante mounling rDPA Forrnourtingthe pressure txotfer on othei machine parts DM43AM4 Mounting attachments and auessorte Brief description ■> Pagej鎯nternet Pressure gauge MA tof monitoring the supply and output pressure ?3 H Silence :orroi>e rductionatlheexhausl port ?5 U-M3 *or rose r鮩duction al the valve exhaust port 5 _4j Foot mounting ^or...

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Pressure boosters DPA - 6

O New DPA-...-A/-D Pressure boosters DPA Ptdplw ab iwv i cvv MMtftng jRMhntHti in) messont* fciefdesfri&Tio'i Pressurepugesel DPA MA SET IFdr moniloring the suppty and oulpul pressure 22 r Silencer For noise ledudon at he eiha usi pon 2$ Silencer U-M3 For noise rﯩduction al the valve exhausl port 25 11] Foot mouniiri HUA For mounting Ihe pressure bccster on othe* machine parts 21 ReguLaor b& LffvSD^th tock plate Pr箩venu unintentional. and In confcinalori *th an IRrt padiotk, unaulhorlsed adjustment of the rotary knob 25 ±1 Padtocfc LW5-D Accesso-y fc* reu atjf 1 o:k LPVS D 25 lz) Proximity...

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Pressure boosters DPA - 7

Pressure boosters DPA ^pe codes -1 Bask f un cl ion DPA [Pmsurebootfer Piston 0 40 |40mrn 63 |63mm [100 j 100 mm Oulput pr?ssurt|bv| DM40 10 4.S.. 10. adjifttablewlth pressure regiiatr \t 4.5 _ t.adjuslablewith pressure reguUtoc D Double suppry pressure, wilhou뢯 fissure regulator DPA-6U100 10 4 ... 10, adjustabtr w<th pus suri* rcgutalor 16 4, 16, adjustablewlm prĩsure regiiator d Dojble suppry pressure, nithout pressure regulator $emlnt(0fft-63/lMMO/16*nltf se fis irg possibilit 4 Wrth sensing possibilrty P010/06 - Subjed lo charge -*» Intemd^HWwfeitcttom.'^abuc.' 7

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Pressure boosters DPA - 8

O New DPA-...-A/-D Pressure boosters DPA Fechmcal datJ Fonction vth pressure reffjlator Temprature ra ੗T Pfessuie ratio 1:2 tatacom/enrepare_paJts_sefvic ittout pressure renlitoi Wearing parts kits + 15 * Anv mounting position » Long service IMt * Compati conructtonand attractive desitn ■ Minirnallossofvoluniedjetovarve aduation » Short Rlling limes General te<hnkaldata - DPA with pressure regulalor Type DP* Ho sens! n g option a i sensing option ioio |o:6 6>10 |&M6 100-10 1100-16 6M0A |6M6-A 100-10-A |l0fri6-A Pis1on0 11.| 40 (3 Too 63 100 Pneumatit connection \f2 GW 6% GV⻯ GW iv.-:...

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Pressure boosters DPA - 9

O New DPA-...-A/-D Pressure boosters OPA Operatingand environm entai conditions rypeDPfr DM wth pressure regulator OPA without pressure regubtor |63/tOQ-D 40-10 63/100 10(A 63/10CH6AI Aid ?,5 w10 ?-8 -.10 2 ..S JjEdlj! pressi/ep? Ctoeratine mdian Filered(Ofrprss«Jairf MBfcibtkat^ «rude of Pltralwn 40u*n 駕5 *60 5to*age tempĩrature_rt] [ivrosion rsistance classCRC2* tvjv mi&rti*clKiftpvFt*ottjncbC940 070 Jn(Kf*i^tvOi«::[rTo:nJr鯹]ro^i sot«, Ekitrrutj tUft* pitt *ir pfmyli KOtXM Miter h Weightlgl Type DM- Uo 63 100 Pnumboosiet 6.000 [TTooo Rctommmoed tubing 40 63 100 far suppn;pe*sure MHftl .5...

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Pressure boosters DPA - 10

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Pressure boosters DPA - 11

O New DPA-...-A/-D Pressure boosters OPA Dfnensions » DP*wtthut pressureregulator KR-40-D Download OC Data wAw.feslo.comi'us/ud i믗T1" 79.6 IB.S 1. -' !.. I i - * G" IN Q] PressuלgaugesetDPfrMASCT [2] RangemourningFOPA Hl TM*ff*:ud tai torni lv 60 II /9 1 »C » ISO «S-1 [ȯj SIenterLK 2010/06-Subjed lo char** ^ lnttrad^»l«1*tfrito.tomll<4ljiDjc.1 Il

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Pressure boosters DPA - 13

O New DPA-...-A/-D Pressure boosters OPA Dmensons - DPAwtlh pressure regutaior DfM0*10/16 Download OC Data ^www.festo.conVuv'ud t.' ■ 1 1 152 a- 31/ה. . eu 1 ^2 * ■ (Ni Q] Pressure gauge set DWM^SfT [2] Range mounting FDM 3 SleocerlK ?010/06-Subjfd lo char** 13

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Pressure boosters DPA - 14

-o- New DPA-...-A/-D Pressure boosters DPA festd Technical data Dimensions - DPA with pressure regulator Download CAD Data DPA-63/100-10/16(-A) Note The proximity sensor must be mounted in oneofthe six sensor slots on the right-hand side ofthe DPA-...-A (rotary knob on top, pneumatic connections on the front). B1 _B4_J 1 Pressure gauge set DPA-MA-SET 2 Foot mounting HUA 4 Proximity sensor SMT/SME 5 AddingcounterCCES-P-C8-E 3 SilencerU Type AH B1 B2 B3 B4 BG D1 0 E EE H1 H2 H3 DPA-63 56.5 187 92.5 70 266 25 39 88 169 62 17.5 DPA-100 81 244 133 102 352 30 128 GV2 244 71...

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