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Position sensors SMH-S1, for grippers


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Position sensors SMH-S1, for grippers Productoverview Position sensors, adapted to Festo grippers Օ Freely selectable switching points 3 gripper positions can be detected using an evaluation unit Detailed product information Design Type ofmounting Measuring Operating voltage Analogue output Switch output Switching Page/ principle range elementfunction Internet Position sensor SMH-S1 For gripper Screwed to gripper Magnetic Hall 24VDC 2 Evaluation unitSMH-AE1 For position sensor SMH-S1 With mountinghole 24VDC 3xPNP N/O contact 3 3xNPN Signal converter SVE4 For position sensor SMH-S1 With mountinghole 10...30VDC 2x PNP Switchable sve4 2x NPN Key features The position sensor SMH-S1 has been specially developed for use with Festo grippers. An analogue electrical signal is generated in the proximity sensor dependingon the gripper position. The conversion to 3 digital output signals (correspondingto 3 gripper jaw positions) takes place via the signal converters SVE4 or the evaluation unitsSMH-AE. Note Sensors that detect magnetic fields, such as position sensors SMH, must not be secured onto the drive using mountings made from ferritic materials, as this can lead to malfunction. In order to ensure the correct functioningof the position sensor the outlet cables and the compressed air tubingmust be mounted in the same direction. 2011/06 - Subject to change Internet: 1

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Position sensors SMH, for grippers Type codes, technical data - Position sensors SMH-S1 |ype HGP06 SMH-S1 I Position sensor for gripper Associated grippers HGD16 Three-point gripper HGD-16 HGP06 Parallel gripper HGP-06 HGR10 Radial gripper HGR-10 HGW10 Angle gripper HGW-10 HGPP-10/12 Parallel gripper HGPP-10 and HGPP-12 HGPP-16 Parallel gripper HGPP-16 HGPP20/25 Parallel gripper HGPP-20 and HGPP-25 HGPP-32 Parallel gripper HGPP-32 Technical data Design Constructional design Adapted for grippers Type of mounting Screwed to gripper Electrical data Electrical connection Cable with plugM8x1,...

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Position sensors SMH, for grippers Type codes, technical data - Evaluation unit SMH-AE1 PS3 M12 Type SMH-AE1 Evaluation unit Switch output PS3 N/O contact, PNP, 3 switch outputs NS3 N/O contact,NPN,3 switch outputs Electrical connection M12 PlugM12x1, 5-pin Technical data Design Type of mounting Via through-hole Switching status display Yellow LED Ready status display Green LED Electrical data Switch output PNP NPN Electrical connection Input 4-pin Output PlugM12x1, 5-pin Operating voltage range [VDC] 24 Protection class IP53 Operating and environmental conditions Ambienttemperature [°C]...

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Position sensors SMH, for grippers Peripherals overview 6 c 1 7 2 8 XV. 9 5* "3 Accessories Page/ Internet Position sensors 1 SMH-S1-HGD16 2 2 SMH-S1-HGPP 3 SMH-S1-HGP06 H SMH-S1-HGR10 5 SMH-S1-HGW10 Associated grippers 6 Three-point gripper HGD-16-A gripper 7 Parallel gripper HGPP 8 Parallel gripper HGP-06-A 9 Radial gripper HGR-10-A aj Angle gripper HGW-10-A Accessories aA Connecting cable NEBU-M8G4-K-2.5-M8G4 4 ai Evaluation unit SMH-AE1 3 aC Connecting cable NEBU-M12G5-K-...-LE5 4 a^ Signal converter SVE4 sve4 Ordering data - Connecting cables Technical data Internet: nebu Number...

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Product Range and Company Overview A Complte Suite of Automation Services Our experienced engineers provide complte support at every stage of your development process, including: conceptualization, analysis, engineering, design, assembly, documentation, validation, and production. Custom Automation Components Custom Control Cabinets Complete Systems Complete custom engineered solutions Comprehensive engineering support Shipment, stocking and storage services and on-site services The Broadest Range of Automation Components With a comprehensive line of more than 30,000 automation components,...

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Festo North America Festo Rgional Contact Center 5300 Explorer Drive Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5G4 Canada USA Customers: For ordering assistance, Call: 1.800.99.FESTO (1.800.993.3786) Fax: 1.800.96.FESTO (1.800.963.3786) Email: For technical support, Call: 1.866.GO.FESTO (1.866.463.3786) Fax: 1.800.96.FESTO (1.800.963.3786) Email: Canadian Customers: Call: 1.877.GO.FESTO (1.877.463.3786) Fax: 1.877.FX.FESTO (1.877.393.3786) Email: United States USA Headquarters, East: Festo Corp., 395 Moreland Road,...

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