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Plastic tubing, standard I.D.


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Plastic tubing, standard I.D. - 1

Plastic tubing, standard I.D.

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Plastic tubing, standard I.D. - 2

Type discontinued PP Availableupunlil2011 Plastic tubing, standard I.D. Version Type lm»o>0 (mm) M CD CD 3 CD ? Ք. E 5 E H «m g i e M ■ 5 «A *W S ± a 1 Ph/«M*ne ■ ■ ■ - ■ ■ H-9/13 9.13 ■ - 뗗 ■ - ♦ ♦ >P 1 Polyamide 3.4.6 ח ■ ■ * + >u Polyuretrune ׮. 3. 4.6 ■ ■ - ■ ■ - - PU-9/13 9 - * ♦ PolywethantW 13 ■ *U-DUO Polyurethane ?. 3.4,6 ח - ■ ■ ■ - * Il fan ifiifcruc » Vli-^:i-..Vk...i<- M NttltM Su bkctio change-2011/06

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Plastic tubing, standard I.D. - 3

Type discontinued PPAvailabloupuntil 2011 Plastic tubing,standardI.D rpr Si S- 5 il la S S SI s I 3 I I si D42 PL-9/13 A 85 055 05? Pu-9 PU-il PU-DUO * Internet: www festacoinYcjUlog,1 3

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Plastic tubing, standard I.D. - 4

Plastic tubing rexhmcal data Measuring method* Fkm relevant bendineradius Itt The tubing is benl in the direction of its inhrent ftettion unta a 5% (lalen-Ing of the tubing QD. otiurs. The Rd Is Ihen calcul鮢t cd. here is no rduction in the flow rate upuntil theRdisreached. Cross sectfon Aattened as a resuit of bended tubing d ■ non deformed tubing 00 dl- deformed tubing 00 Minimum bendine radius Rmfi The tubing attached to a movabte plate is bent until the dformation resultsina klnk. The measured value is the minimum bending radius Rmin.This Rmin toccx>^d?able'cduttions h l.<w 4 i*...

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Plastic tubing, standard I.D. - 5

47-Plastic tubing, standard I.D. type codes i « MateriaL PI PL Pe^inykhlwde. O.D. 9,13 PotjraJnide PU Potyurethane Twintubing DUO Twn tubirif Colour sw ? r ; -. BL 31 ue NT ■Mural BS ?Ol l/06 - Subjea to (taff in temet : www testa com /cabtog /...

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Plastic tubing, standard I.D. - 9

Plastic tubing PU, standard I.D. Technical data festd Plastic tubing PU Highly flexible plastic tubing distinguished by its great rsistance to abrasion and kinks. "A"Ambienttemperature -35+60°C Temperature dependent operatingpressure -0.95陙 +10bar PU-9: 0 10 bar Material: Polyurethane PU-9 and PU-13 Polyurethane with reinforcingfabric Note on material: Free ofcopperand PTFE RoHS-conform Operating pressure p as a function of temperature t 12 Possible fittings Barbed fittings CN Internet: cn Quick connectors CK1' Internet: ck 0 60 1) Recommended fitting Dimensions and ordering data O.D. I.D....

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Plastic tubing, standard I.D. - 10

Plastic tubing PU-DUO, standard I.D. Technical data festd DUO tubing PU-DUO Highly flexible paired plastic tubing distinguished by great resistance to abrasion and kinks. Two lengths of tubing are fused together into a tubing pair. For fitting, the paired tubing is separated as required at both ends. "A"Ambienttemperature -35...+60 °C Temperature dependent operatingpressure -0.95 +10bar Material: Polyurethane Note on material: Free ofcopper, PTFEand silicone Operating pressure p as a function of temperature t 12 Possible fittings Barbed fittings CN Internet: cn Quick connectors CK1'...

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Plastic tubing, standard I.D. - 11

Product Range and Company Overview A Complte Suite of Uon Services Dur experienced englneers provide complte support at every stage of yourdewlopment process» including: conceptuat訢alion, anatyss. engirwerine. design, assembty. documentation, validation, and production. CustomAutomatlon Components Complte custom enjlncered solutions Custom Conttol Cabinets Comprehensh/e engineering support and on-sit services Complte Systems Shlpment. stockln» and storate services The Broadest Range of Automatlon Components Wrth comprehensrve line of more than 30,000 蠠utomatlon components, Festo 1s capable...

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Plastic tubing, standard I.D. - 12

Festo North America Festo RgionalContact C*nt*r 5 300 Explorer riw Mteksaug*. Ontano UW 504 Canada USACrtonm: For ofdcringjttittance, CMU 1 300.99. FESTO (130a993T378« Fa*: 14C0.96.FE$rO(1»O.963J/86) fm*L cu雯lomcr.OTvitt9u*-falo-com For te<hnkai support UL1.866,G0JE$T0{r866\463.3786) Fax: ]r800<96^ESTO(1^0a9633786) Emal: produ<rsuprx>rt4u*Je*IO.COrn Cipjfjaj|ajjCNII Cali≮l,877.GOJSTO(1.877.*6ï.3786) Faou 1.877.FX.FEST0 (I.877.393.3786) HP 1.631 m *r«t*i Canada USA H«adquarters Festo Corporation 395 Jrio refend Road P.O. Box 18023 Hauppauf*. HV 11788. USA www.foiٮo:ir»-i.iut USASal«Offk**...

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