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Plastic-coated mtal tube PM IKhrifcal djld PU*tk<oated mtal tube PM The PM lut* fealureslht corrosion r驩sista rxeof plastic and the dformation rsistance of metaL It can t>e bent stratght and reshaped several t驮mes withouta pipebending detfcr and wlthout bnt damaimT ■ Am oient temprature -29 ੄ .65 *C 'S ■ Twptrature dpendes operatlng piessuie -0,95... *30 bar Dperattog mdium: Suitable for compress驩e! air Material: Pol^ethylene Wrought aluminium alloy toeon material: Free of pper and PR RoHScontorm DperjtingprMsure pas a fundbonof temprature 30 -M PossiMe flttlngs s*. Push-in fttingsQS QuickSttr l' qs 10M304鮛M60 70 80 _119_- faenslons and ordering data LDl flow-relevant Weight Coiour Part No. M* PU» bentiing radius [mm] mm] (mm) |m] 6 Wۯ 19 0.024 Black 9084 MM 50 8 5.2 25 0.032 Black 9 087 PM-6 50 H PKM|fetfir 2010/03 - Subjed lo charge ^ InrtfHWVmfcitaconvuiabg,1 1

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Product Range and Company Overview \ Complte Suite of Uon Services Dur experienced englneers provide complte support at every sUge of yourdevelopment process, including: conceptuat訢alion, analyste. engineering, design, assembly. documentation, validation, and production. Customutomatlon Components Compl(te custom englneered solutions Custom Contrat Cabinets Comprehensrve engineering support and on-sUe Services Complte Systems Shlpment. stocklng and storage services The Broadest Range of Automatlon Components Wrth comprehensfre line of more than 30,000 蠠utomatlon components, Festo is capable...

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Festo North America Festo Rgional Contact Center 5 300 Explorer Drive Mtofesaugi. (Mario UW 504 CMtdi USACuaamert: For ordering MAhm CMU 1 300-99. FESTO (1300.993T378« tau l0a96F飀STO (1-800.963.3786) fm*L cuslomerfceOu:}Je*toxom For texnnkal support CjII: 1.866JX>JttT0{r866.463.3786) tel 1.800.96JESTO (1.800.9633736) Emit: pr<xlu<i.suppot*uS.*esto^om C inadttft CiMtOAWt: C*U l,877.GOJSTO(1.877.463.3786) tau 1.877.FX.FEST0 (1.877.3913786) Emil: festo.c*M<i*fta.fesl9-CQ'n HP »none: : 631 435 0W0 Canada USA Headquarters Festo Corporation 395 ato refend Road P.O. Box 18023 Hauppauf*. HV 11788....

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