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Operator units FED - 1

Operator unts FED FESTD

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Operator units FED - 2

Operator units FED Key features Multifunctional in use FED human-machine interfaces simplify the control of automation tasks at field level and set new standards in functionality and integration. Whether for single or multi-axis control systems in handling technology or process automation, the Front End Display FED is the optimum solution. FED-40... FED-90: The semi-graphical display of process values makes them easier to read. Straightforward designingof human-machine dialogues usingthe FED Designer programmingtool supplied. FED-301 ... FED-5000: Graphics-capable for maximum flexibility...

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Operator units FED - 3

Operator unts FED CwrVatures ftD-CEC Viith CoOeSys software pUtform CoDeSys ntakesywr life ea$ier wth simple commissioning, fast prcgrammingand parametensalkin * standardise^ programmingof embedded devcwtolEC«131 3.  HardwarenetAral software pUtform for qui* andeasyconfiguraion. progiammingart commlsslonlngof pneu mate and eledric automation soiutbns. Exl#nsrvem<k)uelibfalesfor single or multi-axis positon ing mol ions. The IEC 61131 ■ 3 standard means chat CoDeSys is leoble and open bi ail types of controi tasks. Extremery flexible a nd modjlar : cfllne and online fondions, aswHI as...

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Operator units FED - 4

Operator units FED Produtt range ovcrview, type codes Type | Dis pu y rsolution | H umber of coburs | Oispby Si» ] Interfaces | Page/Internet FED 40 120x3 2 pixels |B/W |4x20char«ters 1 PIC. PC 5 FD-50 PIC, PCElhernet" FED*) PL鏉. Pt.Bhernet1-' FED 90 P1, PC. pfinteî, Ethernet" Tout h streen FED-301 1/4 VGA, 520x240 pu-eis B/W 3.8- PLC. PC.Bherntf1'' 8 FED 4CO «0*272 pixels 2S6 4.3" PIC, PC.Bhernet* FtD-501 1/4 W*. 320x240 ptxHs dgnrysules D 6* PIC, PC, pointer, Ethernet1' FED-550 PtC. PC. ptlnter, Ethernet FED-700 \G\ 640x4*0 pixels 64 k 7.5" PtC.PC.piinter.ahemet*' FED 1000 10.4" FED-2000...

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Operator units FED - 5

Operator units FED, text-based 4 " Vodage 18- 30VDC ' Température fans* &*-n*rallethnkjld4t4 Oftplay ^nochromeUD MlhbatkJrehtlng 4x20 characterc 120x32 pi*eb mMfQfcmn i 1 Ujmberot System keyi ?1 Number ofuser LEDs Sjmber olyplem LEDs H2K8 wipe mftnm 6 KB 16 KB 6 Kn tant Usts 2S 256 56 1,024 Mt-o' rrir;ijrtrijt FfoM panel rnountmg 53 vu*, front panel thkkiws ■il rr Ekctricaldat* | FED 40 [FED 50 | FED 60 | FED 90 Nominal op^ating voilage DC ?4 Operallng voltage range DC M 18-30 Curant conwmptitxiat nominal [aj operat ing voltage 0.25 0.3 alk interface 돗 Sub 0 socfcet. 9-pin Printec interface...

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Operator units FED - 6

Operator units FED, text-based Oprt ing and environ mental conditions Ambi颉flt temprature |*C| 0~+50 Sora ge tem pe*atu re [t| 20 ...70 Rdatfre air humidrty |%) S... 8S. rovcondensing CE mark (see dedaratton of tontormity) loEUb鯥CD1rKttv»l> CtTtifkation Excertilkatiori :oKE< $00 c tass 3. CHvisbn ?. Oioupi A, B. C and D Iftr» ttPpc-wf * tot*ta t« rttostffrtt « uuet if» MwdM. df<* v commit 1**rt an**)** or vrui tuynwt. UVw nftwh M «dut **# *nti*J ai* ftr«i<j mtvbt mvn*v Welght[gl |FED-40 IfEO-50 |FS> 60 Productwejtht IkJ |i!ow Dimensions Download CAD Data ^ ,'tis.'cad FtD...

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Operator units FED - 7

Operator units FED, text-based V*hnkal4lla (Maki Mi Drsplay rsolution tomber ofcolours Cfcsplaysire interfaces tomber of ii Fiction/s vstem keys Part ta. Type lftOJpiwls R.'W dmctn PIC PC 4/7 541998 FED-40 Pu^ PC, Ethernet11 4/7 533531 FED 50 PU.PC.Emernet" 9; 10 541999 FID-60 PLC, PC, prlnlcr. Ethernet» 112/73 533532 FEMO 1J lGM&J«ttrji roiii'OJ-Suakdtodyitt 7

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Operator units FED - 8

O New FED-400, FED-550 Operator units FED, touch screen fcchnkal daj VoJtaje 18-30VDC Temprature range Q-*50*C General lechnkai data FED 301 ?響d i IfH>-501 IFED 550 Displaypjo pertes ouchscreen Display Monochrome LCD ColajrTTT MonocnromeLi.u totour tu )tsplayse 3.8' 4.3- S .6" 57" Display rﻩsolution 1/4VG\3?<W 40 pixels 480x272 pixels 1/4 VGA, 320x240 pixels 1/4 VGA, 320x240 pixels Numbei oflours 256 8 gtey v cales 641 Hurrhe* of furflion teys ܗ 1 tamberof user LtDs - 1 Nwm*erof sysem LfDs 4 u Jser memory 512KB |2MB 13?MB[64M8 Pk pe me-mory 32KB :vent lists [1,024 Alerts 1.024 Type o*...

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Operator units FED - 9

Operator units FED, touch screen >;.hrl.Hjl 1-1 t,i Efcdricaldau | FEfr O: | FED-400 | FED 501 | FED*550 Nominal operatins: voltage DC [\\ 24 Operating voltage range DC ,\\ 18.. 30 Currenuonsumpuonat nominal (A) operatirΧ voilage OA 0.6 1 AUXmteffai* SubD socfcel.9'F<n Printer interface ISubDsoc^lSpin, RS2 32 Ethernet interface 0;i1.;mL l'imh:! 1100 MBd Oplwat. 10 MBd RM 10/100 MBd PC fiterfau' SobDplug.tSpin.RS?)? SubDscckeUSpin, RS232 Pfogrammlng Interface 9.6 38.4 kBd Programmirgsoft^re FED Destgnef 6.06 or 1 FED DesRner 6.09 or tightr Ihigher FED Desner 6.06 or 1 FtO Designer 6.09or...

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Operator units FED - 10

O New FED-400, FED-550 Operator units FED, touch screen Operaiirw and environ m* mal conditions FED 301 Ambent temprature [X\ ■ r.i 0*S0 K^45 Storap? temprature |"C| -20 -W0 ReialfceairhumWrty |%J 5 - &5* non-ndensiflf CE mark (se* declaratfon o* tonforroity) 霮oEU MC Directive*' iertlfkation cUlus Eisled |OL) _ _ C -Tkk =*cMϯficai»ontQNEC 500 Class 1, OrrtSion 2, foupsA, B,CandD FD700 JFEEMOOO fi'. ; JFH>5000 뎀mbient temprature 0, *45 Storage temp鄩rature |'t ] -20 ...70 Relate air humidtv N 5... 8S. roveondensing CE mark (see d鯩clartbn of conformit) foEUWCDirertJve11 renifkatkm cULus...

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Operator units FED - 12

-O- New FED-400, FED-550 Operator units FED, touch screen Technkal data Display rsolution Number ol colours Displaysire interfaces Numberof fu net ion/system keys Pan No. Tspe 1/4VW, 320*240 pixels f..Vr 3.8' RT^Bnemel" S 434)8 FED* 301 430*27? pMs ;.r PlC.PCtQhefnrt' -/- 570864 FHMOO o t /4 VGA, 320x240 ffaeis Sgreysca^es PIC. PC. pr鮪ter. Ethernet1* 5434*0 FEM01 64 k PK.PC.printer.EfJwnet** 1: 570398 FHM50 o VGA, 640x480 pixels 64k PIC. PC, primer. Ethernet4' lt- 543442 FED 700 VGA* 640x480 pixels HW 1/- 543515 FSM0OO $V(A 800x600 pixels 64 i?.r >l.K.printer. Ethernet4' 1.' 543444 F© 2000...

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Operator units FED - 13

-o-New FED-CECCAN Operator units FED, embedded control Accessories FESTD Controller Plug-in cardwithprocessor module for installation in the operator units FED-50 to FED-5000. Controller FED-CECCAN Plug-in cardwithprocessor module for installation in the operator units FED-400, FED-550, FED-700, FED-1000, FED-2000 and FED-5000. Fieldbus interfaces opon FED-CEC FED-CECCAN CPU data 32-bit RISC processor, 24 MHz Watchdog Programming softwa re CoDeSys provided by Festo Programming language SFC, IL, FCH, LD and STto IEC 61131-3 Additionally CFC Ethernet Connector plug RJ45 Number 1 Transmission...

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