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New Products for 2011


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New Products for 2011 - 2

A mark of distinction. The German Federal President Chistian Wulff presents the German Future Award 2010 to Dr. Peter Post and Markus Fischer from Festo and to Andrzej Grzesiak from the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA). On the left is TV presenter Maybrit Illner.

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New Products for 2011 - 3

Actively shaping the future – a global competitive edge thanks to innovative ideas We’re very pleased that the team representing Festo and the Fraunhofer Institute was awarded the 2010 German Future Award for technology and innovation by German Federal President Christian Wulff. We sincerely congratulate the team for this accomplishment. This award is extremely important for us. On the one hand it confirms the company’s innovative orientation, and on the other hand it demonstrates that we’re on the right track with a forward-looking attitude, whether it’s with topics such as mechatronic...

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New Products for 2011 - 4

6 German Future Prize for a high-tech helper – the Bionic Handling Assistant 8 Looking to an integrated future with the automation platform CPX 10 Energy efficiency built in – Mechatronic Motion Solutions 12 Reducing costs, guaranteeing quality through consistent innovation in pneumatics 14 Focus on reliable food production 16 Building the future with automation solutions for drinking water purification 18 Long-term energy saving with Energy Saving Services 19 Unlocking potential – setting the course for the future with Festo Didactic Pneumatic drives 20 Standard cylinder Clean Design DSBF...

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New Products for 2011 - 5

Compressed air preparation 40 MS6 service units: fine filter, micro filter and activated carbon cartridges MS6-LFM-...HP 40 MS service units: new size MS9 41 Pressure regulator MS12-LR-G-PE6 with integrated proportional valve VPPE Vacuum technology 41 Vacuum generator OVEM Pneumatic connection technology and control elements 42 Metal push-in fitting NPQP 42 Polyamide tubing PAN-M 43 Product range extensions and add-ons Image processing 44 Intelligent Compact Vision System SBOC-M/SBOI-M 44 Intelligent Compact Vision System SBOC-Q/SBOI-Q Control technology 45 Graphical display and control...

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New Products for 2011 - 6

6 Interaction between man and machine redefined The Bionic Handling Assistant is a lightweight, fully flexible system whose structure and mode of operation are modelled on an elephant’s trunk. Its inherent flexibility creates the right conditions for direct and safe contact between human and machine. Paradigm shift with bionics The Bionic Handling Assistant was developed within the framework of the Bionic Learning Network, a Festo research group involving universities, institutes and development companies. The aim of the initiative is to apply bionics, i.e. to transfer the principles of...

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New Products for 2011 - 7

7 New generative manufacturing technologies State-of-the-art generative manufacturing technologies are a crucial part of the production of the Bionic Handling Assistant. Additive manufacturing allows the production of customised, movable system parts made of polyamide applied in thin layers and fused using a laser. This enables customised 3D printing of sophisticated products. The high flexibility and low density of the polyamide at only 0.95 grammes per cubic centimetre are ideal for the Bionic Handling Assistant. Cost-effective production With generative manufacturing there are no tool...

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New Products for 2011 - 8

8 Integrated solutions that can be customised for specific tasks are the future of automation. Function integration, such as that offered by the automation platform CPX, makes it possible to tailor solutions to meet precise requirements. This means more economical solutions for you, and all from a single source. That’s because Festo’s integrated automation platform combines many different technologies that were previously separate on one platform: • Electric and pneumatic components – combined with motion control. • Proportional pneumatics and servopneumatics – on one platform. • Safety...

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New Products for 2011 - 10

10 Looking to the future – improving competitiveness Unique in the world: the pioneering platform strategy with free combination of technologies. Its key advantage: providing the right solutions for reliable, economical automation, in which energy efficiency plays an important role. Linear and rotary movement, vacuum applications, gripping and control: Mechatronic Motion Solutions combines components, modules, systems as well as the software for all types of automation solutions, whether pneumatic, servopneumatic, electric or a mix of these. The integrated automation platform CPX and motion...

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New Products for 2011 - 12

12 Looking to the future – improving competitiveness After a period of economic crisis the market is finally moving again. However, while some parts may once again be experiencing unabated growth, others are diversifying due to differing requirements in the individual regions. Festo is responding to this change with cost-saving innovations that offer guaranteed quality. Innovation and standardisation are not mutually exclusive. Even the performance of standardised components can be continuously improved. When it comes to efficient standard pneumatics, smaller dimensions reduce costs, but...

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New Products for 2011 - 14

14 Looking to the future – improving competitiveness Stephan Hartmann, Purchasing Nestlé Germany and Scandinavia “The criteria that we use to evaluate suppliers include not only initial costs, but also quality, reliability and capacity for innovation. We have had very positive experiences with Festo in this regard. I would be happy to recommend Festo to anyone.” Focus on reliable food production Industrial food production must meet the highest hygiene standards and at the same time be productive. In such critical food and splash zones, where aseptic requirements often have to be met, it...

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New Products for 2011 - 16

16 Looking to the future – improving competitiveness Building the future with automation solutions for drinking water purification Population growth, urbanisation and rising living standards are three factors that will lead to a significant increase in water consumption in developing or emerging nations in the future. Complete automation solutions from Festo can help lower energy costs and improve productivity, thus achieving maximum reliability of supply. Increasing reliability of supply while reducing energy costs In developed nations, process automation solutions from Festo also play a...

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